1. Hi! I finally am able to post here, (I don't know why I couldn't post before) so i wanted to introduce myself. My names Kaylin and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    I own a V6 '99 Mustang.
    You can check out my web page for more pictures. :D It feels good to find a place for us V6 people.
  2. Welcome!

    First two mods:

    1. Springs
    2. Rims

  3. Welcome!! Feel free to ask questions and put your two cents in anytime. As for mods I would start with dual exhaust, CAI, Rims, and lowering springs. (my 2 cents) :D
  4. Welcome. Thats a cool pic you got there. :nice:

  5. Thanks for the welcoming guys! And I will deffinetly be asking advice and questions. :)
    The first mod I've done already was installing a MAC CAI.
    A few days ago I also put on this resistor chip but I could tell absolutely "0" difference in hp.
    Currently I'm searching to find a good deal on a dual exit MagnaFlow Exhaust system. $350. is the lowest I've found so far. :shrug:
    I'm also looking at wheels. I don't know why my car has wheels on it off an older body style. :bang:
  6. I think the dealership must have put those wheels on.

    The resistor chip thing from Ebay was proven to be a fluke.

    Welcome to Stangnet!
  7. Thanks! That sucks about the chip. It was only about 5 bucks, LOL but still the seller needs to be punished! (I remember his screenname was something referring to imports...figures) :notnice:
  8. Hi. I am Jeremy and I am single. :D Welcome and enjoy your stay. Dont be scared to ask anything or tell sombody off. PS I cant spell but I think your pretty. :D :D
  9. Welcome....I must say there's nothing like a good looking girl, with a good looking car :nice:
  10. Haha thanks guys. (you spelled it right Jeremy) I didn't even show you any good pics of me. :D I just got this little spycam (digital camera) not long ago. :p Don't make me break out the nudes! lol
  11. [email protected]
  12. You've got mail! :D
  13. Welcome. My name is Christian aka the Integraholic. I own this place and everyone here. First order of business is to e mail me your phone number. Second order of business is to then go out on a date with me. Thank you, that is all.
  14. One #1 is never listen to this guy. Rule # 2 is that if you go on a date with him your life will be over.
  15. You must always listen to me. I'm all knowing, all seeing, all hearing. Plus I like fast cars. :)
  16. I see you live in IN. Are you on css or csr? I think there is somebody on one of the 2, with the same car as you but I could be wrong.
  17. Nah, not on Cincy sites. I heard they got hacked. I'm on IndyCarz.com. Bunch of my friends cruise down to Cincy during the summer though. I have yet to go.
  18. integracholic is a dork
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  20. by the way im james, 17, used to live out in the midwest but currently residing on da EAST COAST. lol. gangsta :p n e way, welcome ot stangnet, and dont let ne one tell u ur car sux b/c its a 6, 232 PRIDE!!!