1. Welcome Kaylin,I am new to the site also. If you are interested in joing a Mustang club I belong to the Tri State Mustang Club. We have our meeting in Mason Ohio and yea we do have ladies in our club .Mytoy
  2. I'm gonna have to break down and drive 1 hour to cincinnati to see her. I mean, her car. Sorry, can't do it this weekend, making a road trip to Jegs in columbus to keep working on the other car :)
  3. Wow, I didn't notice your pic in your car pic. lol...

    And there is nothing wrong with posting pics on here. ;)

  4. nope, on the early '99 V6s, they received the 94-98 V6 rims, just like on the early '99 GTs, they received the now 16" V6 rims on some of the 'stangs (these also had speed limiters on them), while others got 17" versions (the now base-GT rim).

    so why are you driving your current car? :jester:
  5. Two words: Your Fine! :D

    That pretty much somes up the way you look! Now onto the bikini pics, where are they? POST EM' :D
  6. Hey, welcome to stangnet...i never found a link to ure stang web page...i want to check it out...
  8. And while everybody here is trying to get into your pants, I will offer this. Get that lousy $5 chip outta your car now. The only thing it will do is waste gas.

    Depending on the weather, you might want to stick to a stainless steel exhaust system. The most affordable way to go is to get a used GT takeoff, and have a muffler shop fabricate it to fit. The keyword here being stainless steel. Trust me, I've got an aluminized steel system, and had to purchase a second set of tips that come off when October hits.

  9. Yes that is one thing I've been noticing. Seems like I've been filling up more on gas after I've put that chip in there.

    Here is a link, for the guy who said he never found one to my web page...CLICK HERE

    And if this works, here is a pic of my bellyring. :)
  10. I vote Kat6bangstang as the coolest chick evAr. And I'm not trying to get in your pants. They're probably way too small for me. :banana:
  11. wow you guys are in some serious need of some tang...
  12. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    oh yeah, now I know what I was gonna ask, with all of the cincinnati people in here......anyone ever heard of Lasota racing development? Pete (Fordchip) was telling me about it.....said the guy kinda works with Colletti motorsports in dayton, but I can't find anything on it
  13. during your stay, you will meet some of the regulars in this forum.
    ganador is cool
    jdmstanger is cool
    marvinmycat is kool
    97v6silver's avatar is cool
    integraholic likes to make people look like asses, but his input is always appreciated. he knows a thing or two
    mike3800 always has his 2 cents. he knows a thing or two.
    i am the coolest, thats a given.
    hondaboy is cool. (psst. dont say nothing, but I think this guy owns a honda)
    spectorv is koo
    babv6stang is cool, btw did you tap that girl yet bro?
    DevilishCobra03 used to drive a 03 4v. hes cool because even when he drove one, he never made fun of v6 drivers.
    and watchout for the mods! nah they're alright, just dont do personal attacks and they'll leave ya alone.
  14. I second that.

    Anyway, welcome to stangnet. I'm not cool, but I'm here. Question though... doesn't Ohio have any laws about tinting your windows? I don't know exact numbers but I think tint above 35% or so is illegal in lot of places.
  15. I guess I'm the authority on Ohio's Laws.....

    Ohio Revised Code section 4513.241 states that no front windshield shall have ANY window tinting. Side and back windows may not allow any less than 50% light transmission, and quarter windows may not allow any less than 35% light transmission.

    Bummer........that means with her windows so dark, we can't see her

  16. See, I knew I wasn't crazy.
  17. That sucks. In Indy, we can have no tint on the windshield, 35% on driver and passenger side windows, and any amount on rear quarter windows and back window.
  18. sorry integra, that is incorrect. my dad is a window tinter in Kokomo. it's 35 all the way around. your cool as long as you don't get caught.