1. well that red head didnt want to go. so i am dating another red head now! :D

    (pimpin aint easy, but its necessary)

    And sorry guys no pics lol

    oh yea HEY! good to see another chick on the board. I am just another tall skinny white kid.
  2. You want some???

    sorry man, I had to chime in
  3. LaSota Racing Technologies http://www.lasotaracing.com

    We are located near Columbus - we use a dyno on the west side of Columbus. We really haven't worked with Colletti at all - dunno how that got started. We tuned a V6 last week - http://v6power.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23493&highlight=

    Dynotunes right now are $380 including chip and one hour of dynotime. We are an SCT dealer and work closely with Jerry W.
  4. been a while since you've checked out this thread, eh don? I'll forgive ya.....I have been telling everyone what a kick A$$ job you did with my car
  5. nice car

    hey i am in hebron ky right across from cinci, know of any good places 2 cruise on the weekend?
    by the way nice car
  6. Well as soon as summer comes along there will be more cruise-ins but as of right now I just go cruisin down a popular street here. (Glenway Ave. in Cincinnati, Ohio.) :D Fun stuff! It is mostly just a bunch of ricers out there and turbo eclipses to race but it does the job till summer comes. lol