Newbie :)

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Dessy0729, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Hey y'all. I'm new here..just got my first mustang last week! I fell head over heels for it..anybody else feel that way about theirs? Lol. It was love at first sight ;)
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  2. Pretty!

    I am salivating...I want one soo bad. Debating on that impact blue or white. Congrats!
  3. Thank you! I'd go with the blue :) it's gorgeous. Def an awesome color..but of course hard to keep clean :/
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  4. Nice job framing the pic too. Welcome aboard.
  5. Yeah I is as well but when clean it looks amazing. I'm thinking blue with tan leather or white with gray leather. black racing stripes on either one. What are your plans for yours? mods? track? or just daily driving with that coyote beast engine?
  6. Looks great!!! I know the second I first saw mine at the previous owner's house, I knew it was mine.

  7. nice looking ride... :welcome:
  8. is that Kona Blue? It sure is pretty
  9. Welcome to the forums. Nice looking car.
  10. I'm a newbie too...welcome to the forum. That is a gorgeous ride !!