Newby, Did I Get A Good Deal?

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  1. Hey guys. Only reason I'm not posting in welcome wagon is because nobody seems to reply there. I'm a college student with pockets too shallow to keep driving my 1982 355 S10, so I went on a hunt. I looked for weeks trying to find the right vehicle. Finally I came across this 2000 GT coupe with the "Spring Edition" package with 48k on the clock. I picked it up for $7,500. It's a completely stock single owner car with a clean carfax and all services done with ford. What do you guys think? And what's the best place to buy aftermarket goodies? stang.jpg stang2.jpg stang3.jpg stang4.jpg
  2. 2 snaps in a circle from this guy. Ok, you might not catch that joke so, :nice::nice:. Nice score!
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  4. So the apparent Chevy lover scores a screaming deal on GT. The world is going to hell faster everyday.
  5. Haha yeah. I've just been stuck on GM products due to family occupations. Now I need to find someone who will take this s10 off my hands. We will see how this GT treats me. Where are the best places to get goodies? I don't ONLY mean prices. Taking in account customer service etc.
  6. Summit Racing FTW!
  7. I've ordered from most of the big Mustang places (American Muscle, CJ's, Mustangs Unlimited, and Latemodel Restoration) along with Summit. Never had a problem with any of them. Pretty much stick with LRS and Summit anymore due to shipping time.
  8. Upr as well. Ebay sometimes.
  9. I think you got a good deal, it looks well taken care of. I would definitely switch the headlights out for the 2001-2004 oem headlights, but thats just me.
  10. Is there a good place to find those or would I be better off going used? I've also been thinking about a terminator hood, since one thing that's always bothered me about these cars is the non-functional hood scoop.
  11. What is your goal with the car...??
  12. Well, the lights are pretty fogged up so I should figure something out. I've had anywhere from a 420whp ls1 camaro to a 365whp S10, so I'm kind of done doing any mods other than intake/exhaust. I'd just like to make the car look nice and sound good for the most part.
  13. I got yea.... Yeah, unless you race the car, cosmetics are nice... That is a really nice car for what you paid for it... There are some really nice kits you can get... Check around.. American Muscle and Late Model Restoration are both good companies and will treat you right.. MagnaFlow will give you a nice Muscle car sound, and FlowMasters will give you that classic Mustang sound.... Go on You/tube and listen to some exhausts..
  14. I guess one of my biggest concerns about buying things online is that I won't have an exhaust compliant with my emissions. I'm about ten minutes from DC in Virginia, so they are very strict on emissions. I don't think I want to put headers on it, but maybe an X/H pipe and catback. Am I going to have any problems?
  15. You can get a catted X/H pipe and some nice throaty mufflers and that would be good. If you wanted a little more responsiveness you can also get a set of Tucson 3:73. The gears will help alot. The whole point is YOU have to be satisfied with what you got.... There will ALWAYS be someone faster and with more mods... period.... Mods can become an exercise in in futility if you are just trying to keep up with Joe Blow.... You know what I mean??? A tune would do you some good too...

  16. American Muscle and LMR sell new ones, I definitely think they look better than the chrome 1999-2000 headlights.

    Also SyberSaint the ones I am talking about are the OEM headlights. I'm not talking about the raxiom headlights that AM sells, those are rice and ugly.
  17. Everyone (including myself) is going to tell you all sorts of advice. Just deiced what YOU want to do with the car. Street or track and work to the car to whatever your decision is. Just bear in mind, if you do the track it is never fast enough and you will always be wanting more. LOL. I have an 04 40th GT and I decided to back to 100% bone stock including suspension. Mostly because I have a project car now and partially because it is such a low production number car.. Either way, just do what YOU want to do and have fun with it. That's the main objective with all of this.

    I have to agree with TrueBlue. New headlights make a huuuuge difference. While you are at it, get a new 3rd brake light too. Those always get faded.
  18. Well, being in Northern Virginia, the land of fartcan civics and slammed 350z's, I never had any problem putting on about 5 car lengths with my camaro. I honestly want to get out of that. I don't want to hinder the reliability of my "new" mustang. Some new lights, a cobra hood, maybe a cobra rear bumper at some point. I've been looking through youtube and it seems like I will be going with flowmaster.
  19. Haha I'm honestly very open to advice and opinions. I have spent the last 5 years of my life on LS1tech so I'm not sure what to do to this dang ford