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  1. Hey everyone!! My name is Jessica Ford from Tn and I just got my Mustang GT after I wanted one since I was about five. I ran across it in Pigeon Forge this April at the Rod Run. It's a 1994 Gt rio red with little stuff done to it like exhaust, wheels, etc...And yes it does need to be lowered!!! It's driving me crazy. My boyfriend talked me into creating my own page. He is fiveoho on here. :). I will try to get some more pics of it on here once I get it figured out.

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  2. Beautiful car! From one noob to another, welcome!

    Can I interest you in joining the 4x4 SN-95 club?
  3. Nice Stang! I love Rio Red!

    Btw, did fiveoho advise that ALL newbies have to post pictures of themselves, also?

    Just kidding! (Kinda.)

    Welcome to Stangnet!!!
  4. :welcome:to:SNSign:

  5. see, it didnt even take 2 posts :rlaugh:
  6. I'm so glad that we didn't let you down! ;)

    Now, why don't you have her set up a nice signature, so we know what's been done to her car too?
  7. welcome to :SNSign:
  8. Welcome aboard.

    BBK springs should be good. I haven't used them but they make good stuff.
  9. I have BBK springs and have no complaints. They are the only springs Ive ever had besides stock ones, so I may be a bit biased though. Welcome to the site!
  10. welcome: 2 :SNSign::
    nice car also,... like the choice of rims.
  11. Newcomer to stangnet!!

    Thanks again guys. I'm trying to sweet talk my dad into hurrying up and lowering it!!! Its driving me nuts. He's got too many other toys in the shop
  12. Welcome to the show! :nice:
  13. car looks great the way it is . springs will definetly add to that tho. i think those bbk 1.5 springs will be a good balance. since the car's a daily it cant be too low but yet a 1.5 drop should keep you out if that 4x4 club :p

    cute how mine and her's both are rio red, huh :rolleyes:
  14. Hahahaaaa

    My boyfriend and I both post on the same Login, he usually does most of the posting but thinks we get special attention sometimes due to our name :rolleyes:

    Welcome and watch out for the parts-fever, it'll hit you before you know it!
  15. welcome!

    if you are interested, i just pulled some coil overs out of mine and am willing to sell them cheap just to get rid of them. i also have some intrax rear springs i pulled out (the purple ones) and will sell them cheap too.

    send me an email ... my email address is in my sig
  16. she's already got it :rolleyes:
  17. Springs

    yes i do have the fever. It runs in the family :rolleyes: I can't wait to get it lowered at least. That'll help alot!!!!

    nyone have any other suggetstions on springs?