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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by FiveOFemale, May 15, 2008.

  1. Welcome from another Tennessean! I live in Cookeville and know exactly where Woodbury is. I was actually looking at some of the paper work I found behind my glove compartment one day when I was cleaning it and someone from Woodbury had owned my car back in 1999 to 2001, I think.

    Watch out for that bug, it hit me real hard. I went from simple bolt-ons to H/C/I and Procharger seems like over night and my bank account really noticed it too LOL.

    Anyways, welcome and i was also at rodrun last month, you might have seen me:

  2. Sweet...another Rio...

    Welcome !!!!!

  3. sweet lookin ride :nice:

    we was up at PF this april but i dont recall seein' ya.

    maybe jessica saw you :shrug:
  4. Well we know your an ugly mug, so it only follows suit to believe she is a horse face also..... :D

    Just playin with ya five0hfemale, but seriously fiveoh your an ugly dude lol.

    ok ok all kidding aside welcome to SN, nice car, your lucky to have a guy that knows his way around your car (among other things). :nice:

    Now fiveoh you know you cant buy cheap stuff for her car now, cause we will tell her it's cheap stuff... lol.

    Springs are a must, then I remember fiveoh saying something about supercharging, or was it turbo... Hmmmm I cant remember, no worries though I'm sure he'll get right on that for ya.

    Again welcome to SN, and just know I'm bustin your chops. :flag:

  5. +1

    Got to love the Rio Red 94/95 Mustangs :nice: Im on my second one currently.

    Welcome to the site its a fun place to visit. If you have black leather interior you will be my twin sister :D

  6. wow. :rlaugh:
  7. i still dont think that reverse physclogy is gonna get her to post a pic of herself :lol:
  8. I love all the cars on here!!! And I can't wait to get started on some stuff with the car. And whats this I hear about my boyfriend saying he wanted to do some stuff to my car???? What was it guys??!!! :D
  9. Awesome yellow stang how is that GT40 intake, I am not real happy with mine???

  10. Cant have to many Rio Red Mustangs :nice:

    Im on my second one now. Welcome to the site, this is a great place.
  11. Original post was from 2008, not even sure FiveOFemale is still around much.
  12. Welcome to Stangnet Chythar!

    (sorry i just figured that we might as well mess it up even more)
  13. She still lurks according to her profile. :nice:
  14. classic noob thread resurrection :nice:
  15. she's still around.

    ...and her car is lowered now :nice: