Newer pic of GT500 Vert

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by Trublu01, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. New Hood!

  2. Definitely looks like a big car, compared to the SN95s, also the hood vents look a bit glued on for some reason.
  3. Stripes?

    No stripes? I thought all the new Cobras came with racing stripes. :shrug:
  4. I haven't heard one way or another on whether racing stripes were standard or an option. By the way; who's the old guy they always have driving the new Shelby’s? They should have had a hot super model driving. Carol Shelby would be rolling in his grave if he saw these pictures.
  5. I hope the part of Carol Shelby rolling in his grave was a joke :shrug:
  6. I hope that whole post was a joke...
  7. He's not rolling in his grave, he's rolling down the road. The post alluding to his death was greatly exaggerated... :crazy:
  8. are you serious??
    :nonono: :notnice:
  9. Guys! come on - that car is just a mule ....
  10. And it looks like it was snapped up here in Dearborn! :nice:
  11. Looks like the area next to Rotunda drive where that fence goes all the way to the Henry Ford museum.
  12. That may be an old guy but it's Shelby himself. I also hope that post was a joke.
  13. Rolling in his grave ? Really? That would be some trick since he is not dead. That is him rolling in the vert pictured however.