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  1. double post.
  2. Huh? Look again at the shot of the front, those brakes are not 13". To me those look like the calipers Ford's using on the 99+ GT's.

    For those who think it has a fat ass -- it's camo'd for chrissakes, and the camo is over the wing, which is gonna make the whole thing look bigger than it really is.

    It looks to me like generally the body has similar proportions to the SN95. Obviously some big changes underneath, but overall it looks remarkably similar in some ways.

  3. hmmm, 235/55/17 wheels? this starting to make me think this is the v6 we are looking at... espcially the way the car sits and when turning. it seems its only packing a V6. just a hunch...

    dimension wise, the car/chassis looks like very, very similar to the jaguar x-type imho. minus the four doors obviously.


  4. i have owned 7 mustangs..will this 05 be your 1st??..i think i'm intitled to have an opinion...while some just daydream owning a new stang.....atleast if your gonna dream..why the GT?...atleast put bigger hopes in your mind
  5. How would you all feel if the v6 had dual exhaust just like the GT's? :shrug: If that's a v6, the GT's better have something fancy to set it apart.
    The way I see it, Ford has never really messed up the Mustang before. It's always been a consistently popular car steming back to the 60's. Once we all see the finished product I'm sure 90% of us will fall in love with the new design.
  6. :bang: Ah man! Was anyone around at the time you got those shots?! You couldda easily pulled off those straps on the bra and gotten a nice view of the front end! :doh:
  7. You mean like this....

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  9. that was....stupid :)

  10. I'm not seeing it. It doesn't look like there will be a frame to me.

    And as for the's not like I plan on keeping the mufflers on anyway. :D

    :worship: straight pipes

  11. Have you noticed that each one of your posts has been filled with bias because you have this superior "Mach I". Look, if you do own a Mach I thats GREAT! You have a beautiful car! But this car isn't going to stop there. We will see new models (as well as special editions) come and go. Oh, and you bet your arse that they are still going to come up with bigger and better things. You know why? Because the Mustang is a living legend going on for nearly 40 years now, and it's Ford's duty to try its best to keep it alive.

    If you don't really like this car (maybe you will after you see it in all its glory), thats fine. But my advice to you is quit making such egotistical remarks and indirectly referring to your "Mach", such narcissistic comments make you sound ignorant and childish. :nonono:
  12. Man i sure hope that flap in the rear (4th pic) is for the gas fill. I would love for the stangs to have rear gas fillup.
  13. Hmm so I guess the only posts we can make are positive ones then? Please, without some dissent this forum would be pretty uninteresting. People can say they don't like the new car all they want. As Mustang owners and fanatics we are entitled to make judgements on these cars.

    If I came on here and said "Wow everything is great. I love the car. I love the world. I love everyone" This would be boring.

    However, when I say "The front end of the 05 looks like a train wreck." then thats interesting discussion.

  14. Me thinks key hole for trunk is a more likely reason for the flap.
  15. Nope, the gas cap is on the driver's side now.

    <img src="">

    I gotta wonder what is being blacked out there on the back bumper.
  16. I think this is the V6. It just looks....different.
  17. i see ford still insists on implementing the rugged off road look into our beloved SPORTS CAR!!!
  18. Nope, that's the GT, the spoiler, dual exhaust and foglights in the front are GT components.
  19. :D :nice:
  20. I have to say I didnt like the car at all, but It has defintly grown on me, like i was afraid it would. I guess after realizing the concept will never be exactly the same as the production care I just started to once again slowly fall in love with yet another mustang, so I will sit patiently till january.