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  1. Is it my imagination or does the vinyl behind the drivers window have a slight bulge to it? Then again, we have been keeping long hours in the military these days and vision gets blurry from time to time (JP-8 jet fuel helps too). :flag:
  2. Has anybody else picked up the new Muscle Mustangs? They've got a few pictures of the 05 as well. Rumor has it that the car has gained weight. But then again, what can we expect when we ourselves demand so much from Ford when it comes to the Mustang? Make it better structurally. OK, new chassis is stiffer all the way around. Brake better. OK, bigger brakes (hopefully all models). More horsepower (who doesn't want that? :D ), hopefully we'll get that. Then of course, many want all the amenities (we are kinda spoiled now) like AC, Tunes, PS, PW, PB, better seats and a more comfy interior. Then of course, there are the Gov. and EPA mandates (safety and emissions standards). All this equals up to one thing, more weight! Now before someone says use lighter materials like more composites or aluminum, here is our ultimate mandate, keep the price low!

    I've driven Mustangs since I could drive (84, 85, 86 'vert, 95 'vert and now a 96 'vert) and I've watched the Mustang progress. Hopefully I'll be getting an 06 Cobra but for now I've been happy with my GT's. Sadly, the days of the 90's LX are gone but the Mustang does live on. We are about to celebrate it's 40th and I plan to be there. I've been all over the world (USAF) and believe me, no other nameplate is more recognizable than the Mustang. There are clubs dedicated to it in Germany, Holland, Australia, Italy, England, Canada, France, the Czek Republic and even in Japan! Many are shipping thier cars here to partake in the festivities like Mustangs Across America (I'll be there) to the 40th in Nashville. No other car can brag about this kind of dedication. Not the Vette, Porche, ferrari, BMW or Nissan's Skyline.

    So to everybody out there arguing about what it should be or shouldn't be, just be glad it exists. Not to many nameplates run for forty years, much less appeal to such a broad group. Even the so called ricers admire us. Why else would they compare their rides to ours all the time (translation: Superstreet or Sport Compact). So if you like the new car or not, it's coming soon to a Ford dealer near you. I for one will get one and modify it to what I think it should be because in the end that's what we all do anyway :flag:
  3. Well a jump in horsepower isn't worth it if the car is going to be heavier. They aren't making progress just staying in one place. And that will be VERY dangerous indeed considering everything around them is getting faster. I mean the little SRT-4 has already caught up and the LS1 is already way past us. I mean it's gonna be a hard pill to swallow to buy a car that's just as fast as the current Stang, that's slower than a 4 banger with a turbo and slower than the GTO and that's slower than the current Camaros coming out not to mention anything that potentially might come from GM or Dodge and all the faster imports(the S2000 for example is losing weight AND getting more power) it puts the Stang in a horrible position.

    You can say we should just be thankful the name plate is still alive but Ford also has some investment in making sure that the car lives up to what it is. For the last 20 years pretty much the cars have steadily improved bit by bit getting faster and faster. If this car starts to buck the trend that's not good. Also think about the none Ford loyalists that are looking at getting this car. If it's inferior to something they already have in their drive way why would they bother? I've said it before but Ford has the chance to take the affordable performance market by the balls and twist but if they stay stagnant in the overall performance of this car(and 300 horses and added weight will do just that) it won't do as well.
  4. I honestly think that a more refined car that is as fast and affordable as the current car will be a hit. The current GT in stock form is plenty fast for most people. The SRT-4 is still a Neon and the GTO is more expensive and rather plain looking. I suspect the new Charger will be expensive, too (though definitely not plain looking).
  5. That's great! LOL That song was in my head whilst these gents where arguing the size of the butt. :rlaugh: :lol:

    I prefer the gas gap on the passenger side. The Mustang door swings so far open, if it where on the drivers side I'll be trying to keep it from hitting the gas pumps and planters that populates that side of the car during refueling. :(
  6. Yes, but so are most of the posts in this area. I don't come here to actually learn anything about the '05, I just come here because everyone arguing over what they think they know is funny. That and to see if there are any new renders from our resident artists, who have either a lot of talent or way too much free time.

    tfritz: Glad you liked it. :p
  7. the other worthless post are "I don't like it" in each friggin thread.
  8. hey goofnoff... is there REALLY a club for mustangs in Japan? That's very interesting! I didn't know that they had a popularity around there... I've heard a couple of things but I wasn't sure. I'm gonna look into this when I get time to!
  9. I've seen the clays and I've seen the actual cars. 1 word - "SPROING" I had a chubby the whole time I was looking at it. You guys are all worried about this and that. The after market will have everything we need to make it perfect, and anyway what self respecting stanger drives a stock one anyway?! I'm saving my pennies cause this horsy is HOT!
  10. i drive a bone stocker :shrug: :(
  11. some people don't care about the looks they just want more hp. For them they should buy a focus and put in a v8
  12. looks like crap, looks heavier too, i'm wondering if there going for the older buyers vs the 20-30 group :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:
  13. Can I ask why you think it looks heavier? To me it looks like it would weigh as much as the current stang. And the looks don't give you any information on the type of materials used. You may not like the looks. That is your opinion to have.
  14. its bigger..i didnt think they needed a longer stang :rolleyes: ...but lighter and faster...if you read the angry employee post...everything so far has been true that i have add all that new safety a bigger car..i just dont see it gettin lighter
  15. i do like the looks of the new gt motor :nice:
  16. Ok I'm not seeing dimensions in any of the photos. So maybe Ford leaked the dimensions to you only. You may not think they need a longer stang. Just lighter and faster. I don't neccessarily agree. Not all of us want a drag racer. So lighter and faster is not a priority for me. And I would consider myself to be an average mustang buyer. But maybe I want to survive an accident and you don't. So to me the "safety bs" is worth the weight. It's not always about how fast you can go. I can go plenty fast in my stang. Realisticly these cars only need to go 75mph. That's all the law will legally allow. And i don't need to prove my manhood size by stoplight racing.
  17. I thought there was a post somewhere on the "average ustang buyer being like 40.

  18. appear to be a middle aged buyer, thats great!...then ford did there homework..that car appeals to an older group..i am only 27 and dont like it :( ..maybe if the gto does well..they will bring the falcon over here! which alrdy uses the 5.4 3v engine that makes hold on pops..300hp will prob be tops..for the 4.6

  19. i drive the current body style...that nose looks longer..the rear is fat and higher..and we all know that interior is much bigger....bigger backseat room....plz!

  20. 40?...maybe 5-10% i see driving them are that old..majority are the youth..who want muscle ..not the middle aged who want comfort and safety...go buy a cadillac :mad: