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  1. Maybe there are a lot of young buyers, but not necessarily for the more expensive GT--my guess is most buy the cheap V6 cars. People I see in new GTs and Cobras tend to be older. The younger kids truly interested in going fast are buying cheap and used and modding them out. I'm sure Ford knows their demographics better than anyone here...

  2. whats wrong with you?..i think everyone here wants more power in there stangs...did u like getting beat by ls1`s all those years? obviosly should be in the town car forum or something...since when are mustangs comfy luxury cars?
  3. Yeah I suppose at 34 you could say I'm middle aged. And surely you may need the extra hp to prove your maturity as well. But again not all of us do. And some of the people if you readthe post are younger than you and it does appeal to them as well. Not everybody feels the need to run around saying the sky is falling.

    Ford research indicates that, overall, Mustang buyers have a median age of 37, a median household income of $57,000 and are 48 percent female. "That doesn't really tell the story, though," O'Connor noted, "because buyer demographics change significantly when you start looking at the different models." For instance, the affordable sportiness of the Mustang V-6 attracts the largest number of female buyers - about 56 percent - and younger buyers with slightly lower incomes (median age is 35 and median income is $53,000). The V-6 coupe and convertible models also account for about 63 percent of all Mustang sales. The Mustang GT coupe's buyer profile is similar to that of the V-6. Median age is 37 and median income is $55,000. However, more males buy the GT with its V-8 engine - 61 percent vs. 44 percent for the V-6. The GT convertible attracts customers that are older, much more affluent, and more predominantly male compared with the other models. Median age is 47, median income is $83,000, and 63 percent are male. Or

    I happen to think the 99-04 rear ends look fat. especially with the oversized non functional side scoops. But it appealed to you. I enjoy mustangs so no cadillacs will do. and i'm soory your not getting enough action to make a bigger back seat worthwhile

  4. lol..i get the action in my own home..i dont need a backseat of my car..which has a seat delete anyway

    everyone has there own like ..retro old school, i like modern and contemporary
  5. I have not lost to an LS1 yet. I'n sorryyou get beat. but from what I have been involved in it's drivers that win the race usually. while you may not believe it. I have beaten trans ams with geo metros. In both freeway and parking lot drag racing. And your assertation that because I don't want a stripped down cobra R i should own a town car is just plain dumb. but perhaps you should just stop and make up your mind. First it's a cadillac now it's a town car. Sure I want more hp. That would be cool. But that is not the only thing I want.
  6. Well my live in girl wouldn't like the side action in her bed. So back seat it is.

  7. yea ok...the 97 cobra is a tq....i had a deposit on a laser red 97 cobra..untill i test drove the 00gt that would spank that no tq ls1 would crush the 96-98 4.6 dohc...i'll race you with my mach...same motor you say?...les rock!
  8. You're right. The reality is everyone does have their own tastes. And that is the best pat about the mustang. It can appeal to sooo many. I want a nicer interior and better ride. If thatmakes it heavier. Then so be it. You want faster and lighter. the best part is Ford is trying to build something in the middle. So that wecan both modify it to our individualikes.

  9. yes..but i dont think anyone needs a heavier stang...they are heavy as it is!, i hope its lighter!! because every stang grew on me...when i had foxes i hated 94-98, i thought they where sooo ugly...but then it grew on me and i bought a 95 cobra...then 99 came out i was like hmmm...much shorter time it grew on me..then i fell in love, now they took it away and going back in time? wtf?
  10. I have a few upgrades that help me keep closer to the f-bodies that I have raced. And the ones I have raced seemed to have to shift more than i did. So my longer RPM usage made the day. I like the cobra's mostly for the rarity of it. Most years were only about 8k built. So I kind of look to the future with my stangs. The better options and rarer the car. The more value it has in the future.
    If you were closer I'd race. I don't care if I win or lose it's just another time to stretch the stangs legs a bit. My only lose so far was to another cobra. And that was due to a woman in my car freaking out about the speed we were going. But if your mach is stock. Then I may have a slight advantage. Which in a few months will grow larger. Due to my current projectfor the cobra.
  11. My problem with the weight is the engine. I am a firm believer that they should make an aluminum engine. I am not as concerned about overall weight as opposed to the balance of weight. I'd like a stang closer to 50/50 weight balance.
  12. I saw a white mach calling my name just last week. but the adjusted market add on of $3995 just broke the deal completely.
  13. It's interesting to me that a 37 year old would buy a car which sells for approx half their yearly income (before taxes I assume). This does not seem like a sound financial decision. I'm not terribly surprised, though, when you consider average household debt in this country, but still. I CAN understand a single car crazed 20-25 year old with no dependants buying a car worth MORE than their entire annual income, but for a 37 year old, who most likely has children and a host of other espenses, spending even half their annual income on a car seems to make less sense. I realize, too, that people make payments, etc., but of course that just makes them more expensive, not less expensive.

  14. i bought my 95 cobra for its rarity, untill i realized a stock 99+gt was faster..i could care less if my mach had gt badges as long as it had the more powerfull motor from the factory....eitherway my love runs deep for mustangs, i hope the 05 is no just doesent look muscular like the current the new tbird heavy? because the new dew chassis is whats used

  15. didnt know mark ups still exsisted,i had that and a 03 cobra calling me..but 300-350 vs 200 a month,plus no rebate and gas guzler tax+insurance....i went mach

    test drive a mach!
  16. the white is rather rare!

    black 5speed /iup <pulls strong low like my gt :flag:
  17. very nice. I saw a black at the dealer. Which was very nice. The white was something I had not seen before. They had 4 mach's there. And still the extra price. They had 5 10th anniversary cobra's with the $3995 adjustment as well. Yes the mark up's still exist. Another dealer up here had about 5 cobra's on the lot. And their mark-up was $7995.
    I never thought I would own a 4.6 I was determined to get a 5.0 until i drove my cobra. I think it is actually a varint of that chassis because of price. But I am unsure of that.

  18. if your anywhere near fl..checkout have them at a 21-22k...its out of my area, i had a trade local was needed for are aware of the 3k rebate untill jan 2, right? 4k on 03`s
  19. i wish i was in Fl. Probably nicer weather than Seattle. Yeah I am aware of the rebates. But the dealer would put the rebates on only to get rid of the market adjustment. Which to me is stupid. That and the new project for my car is stopping me.
  20. if you keep looking i bet you could find one for atleast msrp, i just love 99-04 so it was a must for me to get the last year new..where i break it in! at 1st i was upgrading gt..untill i saw the torch red mach..if i would of waited..i prob woulda got the terminator..oh well!..still might never know!