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  1. unfortunately no luck in Seattle. Darn microsoft.
  2. Just because you like the car doesn't make the posts of people who don't like it worthless.
  3. no, you made it worthless by saying it almost every thread. do you go to a store habitually and not like any of their products even though you already know you don't?

  4. Yes I suppose if I knew I didn't like their products then I would continue to do so. What is your point??

    The fact is that every time new material is presented (a new thread) it is a clean slate for people to make opinions and comment on. Being that you have been around here for some time I am suprised you don't realize this. I check the threads hoping that maybe there will be a new render that is pleasing to my eye. Since there has not been one yet, I inform people of this fact. BFD.

    Like I said before, these threads aren't all puppie dogs and ice cream and not everyone likes the car.

    Hey heres an idea. Stop posting what you think about all the new renders and spy photos that come out. I don't like hearing it. Your thoughts are worthless.

    Sounds pretty stupid doesn't it? Especially on an open forum such as this. So prepare yourself because I will continue to comment on what I think of this new car. Good or Bad. :p
  5. Hey xsnyperx,

    Yes there is a mustang group in Japan. I guess it's true, once you go 8 you'll never go back. They had a post in Mustangworld's forum I think. MMFF had a Japanese readers rides section one time as well I think. I just remember there was a girl next to her II asking if she could be on the cover with her car. As for the other countries, I was stationed in Europe for 8 years and nothing is cooler than cruising with the top down in Munich (BMW home turf) and have a restored 72 vert pull up next to you with thumbs up. Actually, there are clubs in Munich, Rotterdam, Sweden, Itay (in Rome of all places), Luxemburg, Puerto Rico, Canada :canflag: , Lakenheath, England and the Czech Republic. As a matter of fact, they just had their Mustang round-up recently. I even saw a black 97 GT in Slovakia. That's deep into the former Eastern Block. Even the French love our "Moostangs" :flag: . Many of them are shipping their rides over to Florida for the MCA's Great American Pony Drive and California for the Mustangs Across America drive to the 40th in Nashville, TN. Now that's dedication! :nice:
  6. i just find it funny on why you are here, seems like a waste of time and effort. but that's your time you're throwing away.
    if you see all the pictures you want of the car at the NAIAS, are you still going to complain on every post.
  7. man foghorn, you jsut dont give up do you?

    HE DOESNT LIKE WHAT HE'S SEEN SO FAR. So that means he cant come back to see whats new? :rolleyes:

    Like he said, he comes back to see if any new spy shots or renders have been posted that are different. And if he doesn't like it, he's free to say so. Just as you are free to say you do like it. Man alive :rolleyes:
  8. i'm not taking offense to this like you are.
    so, why don't you take it easy.
    I just find it funny.
  9. Really? You know this how? What are you one of Ford's designers? Are you the guy in charge of setting the packages and options? Are you some VIP with Ford who knows that the V6 won't be available with spoiler, dual exhaust, or foglights? Ever thought that maybe, just MAYBE, it could be a V6 with some OPTIONS? I know for one thing that most Mustangs around my area have factory spoilers, but lack the V8...and who is to say that Ford won't put foglights in the grill of the V6? Who is to say that Ford will even HAVE foglights in the grill? Who is to say that Ford hasn't changed the exhaust system on the V6 and switched it to duals w/ mufflers, and gone with pipes on the V8's? Do you know who is to say all this? FORD THAT'S WHO, and I doubt you are employed by them, if so, I highly doubt you are working on the Mustang.

    I'm sorry to make a martyr out of someone, but seriously people, COME ON. For the love of God, don't come to this forum and make a post in which you play "Mr./Mrs. Know-it-all" and state that "This is how it's going to be...", unless of course you think that ignorance is a good quality. The only thing that any of us knows FOR SURE is that there is going to be a Mustang in 2005. So cut the crap already.

  10. v6 stangs dont come with dual would save u money on a fake dual setup..but not likely
  11. I find it funny that you dont get why I am here. Despite my explainations and the obviousness of the answer, the concept still seems to escape you.

    I like Mustangs. I want to see what the future holds for the Mustang. I like talking about Mustangs. I want to see new pictures of the Mustang.

    Good God I thought this was a simple idea. :rolleyes:

  12. Thank you. Someone who actually gets the point of this whole thing.

    P.S. Foghorn. I am no longer going to argue with you. If you don't understand that forums were made to share discussion, opinions and ideas then there is no point in me addressing you any longer.
  13. :damnit: :stupid:

    NO SH** SHERLOCK. I guess I have to go restate the purpose of my post, because obviously I wasn't clear the first time.

    Yes, the current V6 Stangs do not come with dual exhaust. But is that proof enough to say that the 2005 V6 will not come with dual exhaust? Honda Accord Coupe V6's have dual exhaust, the Acura 3.2 CL (V6) has a dual exhaust.

    You seem to be missing my point, because you did exactly what I said people should S-T-O-P doing. Ever considered banging your head into a wall? You should try it sometime, just do this: :bang: This quest that some of the people in this forum have been on lately to make themselves sound like they know something that no one else does is just a pile of narcissistic crap. As I said before the only thing that any of us know FOR SURE about the 2005 Mustang is that there is going to be a 2005 mustang. Yes we have a pretty accurate idea of what the production model is going to look like, but we also have reasonable proof of this through spyshots and CAD renderings. There is nothing saying that Ford will not make the 2005 V6 with dual exhaust. There is nothing saying that Ford will not put grill lights on the V6, or at least make it an option...the spoiler has been made an option.

    Just because in the past V6's have lacked dual exhaust doesn't mean the 2005 will. It is a whole new car.

    Here's my point for all of you oogtdude's out there:

    Speculation is fine. Being a "know-it-all", or trying to act like you know something is going to be a certain way, about a car that has yet to be produced, or even unveiled, is just plain IGNORANT. If you are stating something, which is entirely different that giving an opinion, you better have something to back it up with.

    I don't think the V6 will have dual exhaust. (Opinion)
    I think the V6 will have dual exhaust. (Opinion)
    I wonder if the V6 will have dual exhaust. (Question/Thought)
    Do you think the V6 will have grill lights, or will they reserve them for the GT's? (Question)

    The V6 will not have dual exhaust. (How do you know?)
    Only the GT's will have dual exhaust. (Says who?)
    V6's will never have dual exhaust. (JUST PLAIN IGNORANT)
    Grill lights are only for GT's. (Where did you hear this?)

    Is it dumbed down enough now?

  14. got 45 posts..and your attacking everyone who doesent like the 05 pics so far.....get lost!
  15. :bang: :stupid: :lol: "got" 1,337 posts...does that make you a better, more intelligent or well spoken person than I? No. :nonono:

    I'm 17, however from my diction, and the fact that I do not like to appear childish or ignorant because I am an educated and intelligent person, one would never suspect my age. You're in your twenties and you sound like a trash-talking junior high schooler.

    To offend me you're going to have to do better than "dude you got 45 posts...get lost!"

    I do not attack people who do not like (or like) something, for that is their own opinion, to which they are entitled. However, it bothers me when people sit down at their computers and posts things along the lines of "The 2005 Mustang V6 will not have dual exhausts, because V6 Mustangs have never had dual exhausts." People like you.

    What? Did Ford personally email you and say: "Hey, you're that guy that brags about his Mach 1 all over the Stangnet forums! Well, we'll let you in on something, but don't tell anyone...the V6 is not going to have dual exhausts!"

    Did Ford do that? If so, let's see the email, because that's the only way I would take anything in your posts as truth.

    I feel like an arse doing this, but you've just been :owned:

    If you want to try and get under my skin try an intelligent, well worded, and witty comment. Until next time, best regards.

  16. :rlaugh: ....go pop some pimples your annoying
  17. Do I need to put you guys on a time out?
  18. Wow... I'm hurt, deep down inside my heart is bleeding with pain.

    Mr. oogtdude with 1,338 posts, and who is apparently therefore more intelligent than I....I was wondering....Is it true what they say, about ignorance being bliss?

    - The Pimply Faced Annoying 17 year old who is making you look like an assclown because you just made a personally attack him.

    ***Note to oogtdude***
    All of the above falls under a certain literary device, referred to as sarcasm. I know that is a big word for you, but there are online resources like to help you.
    ***End of Note to oogtdude***

    Sorry Tyler, I had to do it.
  19. Are you just exceptionally bitter tonight? Every post has been an attack.
  20. I'm not bitter, nor do I want to attack any member of this forum, but when people show ignorance it's rather hard. I'm tired of people posting things about how they know that the 2005 Mustangs are going to have this or that, and what each package is going to be and what each will have. No one knows those particulars but Ford. Opinions and speculations are fine, but cut the "know-it-all" crap, please.