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Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by BamaGT, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. your funny, you dont even own a stang...but yet can cause crap on a mustang forum....your all bent out of shape because you want duals on your budget v6 stang?

    move on! :bang:
  2. oogtdude, you made a comment with just as much fact behind it as did anyone stating that the V6 could come with duals, a wing, and fogs. The current V6 is offered with a wing, fogs, and my hood. Add a bracket and GT exhaust pretty much bolts up. And so many V6 people do it now as well as other companies (Honda V6, Nissan V6), so why not Ford? It makes sense to offer the V6 in a package that would make it look more like a GT.
  3. How about this:

    V6: dual, horizontal SS outlets together on one side (far better than the droopy pipes behind the valance now).

    GT: single SS outlet on each side (two total), pretty much like the current GT.

    Boss, Mach I, whatever level above GT: dual SS outlets on each corner (4 total) like many of the mid-'60's GT's.

    Cobra: Hmmm, running out of options, how about large, single SS oval'ish pipes under each corner. Didn't some to the '71-'73 Stangs have something like this?
  4. I'd go side exhaust on a cobra. But that is just opinion(for you 2005 eleanor).
  5. this threads getting outta control!
    haha, funny stuff
  6. I suggest then, young sir. You should consider canceling your internet connection and read the newspaper than an online message board. You seem to get way too emotional over what people say on a forum. :D
  7. In no way is this directed towards any certain member of this forum. But if you feel it is you I am commenting on, you are more than likely correct.

    It ends here or I hand out some bannings.
  8. it's like when you're in a good mood, and you walk into a room with some couple arguing.
  9. v6 will have dual exhaust outlets. (note outlets, not true duals) i mean, cmon, hyundai tiberons have dual exhaust outlets. something like this on a v6 is not far fetched.
  10. You forgot to mention the latest popular exhaust...for the Cobra... Center! yup yup yup... :banana:
  11. That's what i'm thinking too.. just wait.

    If it has some of the body lines of a 68' fastback or a nice roof line that would be great for the new Mustang.

    Like the Rear fuel door ?
    Tail-lights should look close to 68' just more restro- like to them

  12. This would be alot better if the horse wasnt *backwards* :bang:
  13. That was my fault. When I was shrinking th picture down to a small enough size for SN to accept, I forgot to rotate it back to the proper angle.

    Woops :shrug: