Next Ford Mustang Apparently To Be Limited 2014.5 Edition

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  1. Ready for another next-gen Ford Mustang rumor? Sure you are! This month’s biggest morsel we could scavenge for was the notion the upcoming Mustang redux will be a 2014 1/2 model, to be produced in limited fashion for commemorating the car’s 50th Anniversary. Sounds familiar, right? That’s because, as so many of us well-know, the original pony car we look at with admiration & awe today was released (technically) as a 1964 1/2 model.

    So what’s with the proposed 1,000 unit run of the could-be between car? Would Ford really be that short sighted to only make such a small count of the 50th Anniversary Edition? We teased the notion around the shop earlier today and figured the 2014.5 would likely be one of two flavors of “collector car” for the 50th. Following close on the heels of the 2014.5, we assume Ford will simply proceed with the regular 2015 Mustang production count, in order to best maximize the global model theory everyone has been gnawing upon.

    More hints lead toward the next iteration of Ford Mustang getting a boost of power over the already crazy Coyote 5.0, an EcoBoost 4-cylinder being a choice, and a plain Jane V6 to round out the power plant choices. Also, like everyone’s already been teased with, more intel is buzzing about how the live rear axle’s days might be numbered. Hello, IRS…right? The engineers will have some serious thinking to do, if they propose an IRS to tame anywhere from 420 to 850 horsepower in the Mustang of today.

    So, what do you all think? Will we get short-changed on production count for the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang? We’re guessing no. Will we see a “half” moniker? Possibly. Will we be glad it’s come about, so we can lay all the rumors to rest? Most DEFINITELY!

    Source: MotorTrend via MustangsDaily

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  2. i read that on motortrend today, Europe is pissed about only getting the new 4 cylinder ecoboost SVO I find it hilarious. Not a big fan of the IRS system even though it will make the mustang better. The big question I posted earlier was about what is next for the Shelby engine wise since the 5.8L won't fit in the new body sadly.