next simple question II

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  1. if 275's wont fit a 10.r wheel, and you can run 2 different types of tires (but look retarded) much wood could a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood..???????????????????????????

    thanks for the help:SNSign: :nice:
  2. I run 2 different tires, because I see no point in spending money on the nitto's for the front. :rlaugh:
  3. dude, you couldve just asked two questions in the same thread. :D anyway, do a search for "tires". there are many different opinions on this. i do this for a living and i would NEVER suggest riding on two different to my customers for many reasons. i dont feel like going into depth, but the main reasons are
    1) different handling/comfort/riding characteristics
    2) different sidewall strenths
    3) different treadwear
    4) looks retarded

    the ONLY time i would ever run two different brands or even model tires if if i absolutly had to. for example, i have $120 in my checking account, dont get paid for another 2 weeks, and just had a blowout.
  4. *cough*track*cough :)
  5. thats different. hes talking about a daily driver with different tires. the track is one night, for 50 miles tops
  6. haha yeah My track is anytime it leaves the driveway :D
  7. it was just random sarcasm by a track whore, Im sure you know your tires ;)
  8. as do you sir. hey i *might* be interested in those tires if you still have them in a few months. i wanted a pair to mount on my old stock 17"s for da track. that is, after i get my 6 speed and rebuild my rear :nonono: