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What you would like to see next?

  1. Front Brake swap info for 65/66 all various options SSBC/Granada/Cobra/Wilwood etc.

    47 vote(s)
  2. 65/66 T5/AOD Swap FAQ

    59 vote(s)
  3. 8.8 rear info

    31 vote(s)
  1. OK Guys/Gals..

    I hope to get some time this weekend or next week for the second sticky write up...

    So vote on what you would like to see next...

    Well I was trying to make a poll and did something wrong...

    Choices are:

    1. Front Brake swap info for 65/66 all various options SSBC/Granada/Cobra/Wilwood etc.

    2. 65/66 T5/AOD Swap FAQ

    3. 8.8 rear info

    Also if anyone can tell me the proper way to do a poll I would appreciate it :)
  2. I vote for the T5 swap FAQ's....
  3. Number 2 please
  4. Tough call...

    I'd vote for #1, because I'm doing the Granada Swap on my 69 very soon, however I've done some research on this already. So I'll have to go with #3, because it'll be awhile before I get to the transmission.
  5. One vote for - 2. 65/66 T5/AOD Swap FAQ
  6. Vote for the T5 swap
  7. Poll added. I hope it suits your needs.
    Those posted thus far can now vote "officially".
  8. Only 8 votes

    Wow only 8 votes??

    If there isn't much interest I guess we should drop it???
  9. not oo many votes

    Well not too many votes...

    But it looks like AOD/T% info wins.

    I will start working on this ASAP.
  10. My apologies. Some things have come up and I have not been able to devote any time. I hope to have some time soon. If anyone else has time and experience or knowledge and would like to contribute. write up and send a message to 2bav8. Thanks
  11. Any of those are good, but do not limit it to 65/66. There are more 67-70s on this BBS than 65/66, at least there were last time it was polled...67 was the top single year.
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  12. I think #2.

    It's kinda like why though it seems like there is so much information, and parts too out there for the early stangs that that info should be easy to find through google (with the exception of #3). Of course that would make that information much easier to find on StangNet.

    I've got a 73 and info on them is not so easy to come by.
  13. Thats exactly what I was thinking.
  14. number 3, number 3, number3.
  15. STICKY: The "Mustang II" IFS Real Info & Debate Thread
  16. i'd like too see one on brakes. one vote for brake swaps
  17. How about 'Easy swap alternatives for 3-speed on I6-200'?
  18. Here's Another Suggestion

    Although it's not on the list, I would like to nominate an EFI 5.0 MASS AIR conversion into a classic.
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  19. How about all 3 with contributions from members to help the mods out???