Next Week Mustang Owner

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  1. Hey Mustangs, ok first i want to say i can't be happier than i am now. As from next week i will be a Mustang owner, next week my wife and I are going on a road trip to see and test a Mustang that i've had my eyes on for some while. it's a 1067 Ford Mustang convertible, 8-Cylinder 289 V8, grey color, interior is black. The car is a sight for sore eyes and will be for my great pleasure, i personally think it's classic Mustangs are the sexiest cars ever built and i can't wait to become the owner of one. so i hope that on monday i will also post a few pictures of the car and mor information on the car. while i was looking i came across an article about the GT500 Eleanor from gone in 60 seconds has been sold for 1.1 million?? WOW
    ok enough time spent in front of my PC time to get some translating stuff done, oh and i don't know if you guys need it but i also found a site for repair manuals here is the link it cant hurt to have useful stuff around
  2. wow talk about an OLD mustang!:rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:
  3. Good luck with your car scoping. Just remember to be objective when looking at a car, don't let emotion overrule logic. You can get way over your head in these cars (classic cars in general) if you aren't careful.