Nice Cobra! -pictures-this thing is sick looking!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Twista, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. You got that right!! Slick as HELL!!

  2. That thing is a work of art. I would be afraid to drive it.:nonono:
  3. Thanks - I appreciate it ...

    As you can see - I've been around this scene a long time. When my 96 was written off I was motivated to build yet another show car. It goes pretty good too >>>>

    LOL - funny how I won't remove the bra huh ....


    Campy shot it this year for MM/FF. It's in April 2006 issue.

    Lot's of details on every mod on my site HERE
  4. what mods on the car, and what hood!!! I like :)
  5. That car is unbelievable! What a paint job!

    Any idea where the speedster tonneau came from? I would love the two-piece but am concerned about quality. Thanks.
  6. Nice ride !!!

    Some really sweet touchs done......
  7. [​IMG]

    If you guys are gonna do that **** trade me so you can **** up a V6 instead of a V8. ****in ricers. Please God (anyone who is still stock) do not ruin your cars... Now someone doin that to a V6 (or Civic) seems more likely... yet still gay... but to a damn V8... dammit...

    yalls definition of nice is... ... ...
  8. [​IMG]

    Hood Pins, Chrome Grille, AND a Paint Job!


  9. All details on the mods can be found HERE
  10. Tonneau cover is made by

    It's the best of the best as far as split tonneau covers go ..... quailty is 100%.

  11. Holy jumpin dude .... it's fine to have an opinion but have some class to go along with it would ya ....

  12. I agree completely, the car is way too over the top. Do that to a v-sux, not a v8, and ESPECIALLY not a Cobra. If that car was stock I'd be all over it. Cobras are nasty just stock, you dont have to do that to it to make it cool.

  13. Sorry man, i was bein a little sarcastic... but honestly... next time before you do that... trade me... lol
  14. Sweet...thanks for the info bro.
  15. You are clueless.
  16. I am amazed at the people putting this guy down because he chose to make a show car. I look at the work and can appreciate what he has done even though its not my bag, so to speak. I am a road racer and I took a 04 mystic and gutted the interior. nice leather mystic seats out they went. Is what I did any worse or better than what he did? No. I bought the car and made it into what I wanted. My money my choice. Maybe some of you kids should grow up!
  17. Thanks Duke .....

    I think some people get freaked out when see the artwork in the ghost flames .... Trust me when I say it's VERY hidden - most don't even see it at first. I can't get good pictures of it - they are either NOT there at all or they are too obvious because of lighting.

    Hopefully Jim Campisano's pictures he took will do it better justice. April -06-mm/ff

    I can't imagine people not appreciating a chromed bay - that's old school. The seats are $4000 and prolly the best in the world, so that can't be it. The body kit, well, That's a personal choice.

    Under the car is BBK long tubes, BIG exhaust - borla race mufflers. I went with Boyds for rims - can't complain about that. I run TALL 4.56 gears. It is pretty fast - lots of muscle. Just weighs too much at 4200 pounds.

    I'm upping the fuel system this winter and upping the jets to 150. It should go pretty nice.

    The people who think the 01 is over done would prolly have loved the black 96 (RIP) a lot more. And that's fine I loved it too. It just didn't win nearly as many trophy's. This one won 24 this summer alone.
  18. in my book, as long as its got the go its cool. the only thing i dislike are those fogs mounted close together. but im not gonna bust on it. my stang is a 95 cobra :( that needs a paint job :D

    edit, you might want to think about going to black carpet like they had in the older stangs. it might look better. i know mine is a lot darker than my old '01's interior