Nice Day and Wax = Pics

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  1. Just a few scenic shots of the dark steed after a wash and wax job today. Let me know what you think.

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  2. Not a fan of the wing, but I'm sure you hear that. Otherwise, looks awesome.
  3. your car looks sick!!
  4. Looks great, I really like the wheels. Of course I may be biased of Black Mustangs with Chrome Wheels! :nice:

    I can't wait to give my Mustang a wax job, plus install the Lower Control Arms/Relocation Brackets and the CDC Classic Chin Spoiler, that I just purchased! I just can't seem to find the time; 3 kids, wife, job, dog, cat, kids activities, etc........
  5. Lookin' good:nice: The cacti placement is a little "off"...:rlaugh: Otherwise very nice! Are those 20s?
  6. Hey, Jay...fellow MPSF'er:nice:
  8. yea not sure if i like the wing yet myself, kind of an impulse purchase...
  9. VERY nice. I'd make an attempt, but my moral has been downgraded after mistakenly parking under a pine tree last night. I've been SAP'd :(
  10. May I suggest a GT500 wing then? I know it may be cliche` but it looks really good on these cars.
  11. ^^^^fixed^^^^:nice:
  13. Your car looks awesome man! I saw a local GT with the Steeda Street wing as well. All I can tell everyone is it looks 10X better in real life. Once you do more exterior mods (if you are doing any more) then it might flow a little better.

    Cool ride! :)
  14. VERY nice man. :nice:
    How do you get that cactus to stay on the roof when you're driving down the road? :shrug:
  15. Watch backgrounds when taking photos. That cactus really distracts.
    What I am seeing looks a bit out of focus?
    What kind of camera?
  16. 1. The cactus really is a part of the its not.:D

    2. What can I say frickin car doesn't sit still even in park!:shrug:

    3. Cannon Powershot SX110. The black one:nice:
  17. The car looks great, but what is that hidious wing?

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    not many cars have it, its the steeda srreet wing w/ billet steeda fins.