Nice hood strut kit.

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  1. Just helped a buddy install a set of these. I put a set on my Cobra a few weeks back. IMO these are the best hood struts currently available. No drilling is required for installtion unlike other kits. These are a true bolt-on.

  2. I just saw those in a mustang magazine. Not bad.
  3. What kind of valving does it have? :D
  4. If I went for show, I would definitely pick a pair up, as well as a set of locking hood pins.
  5. Tried to post pics from the website but the site has some funky chit goin on that prevents it!

  6. Did they post?


  7. I saw that when I tried to link to their page with the actual struts. Tricky kids.

    Jinx, your pics show up fine.

    I have those....they're great and took maybe 30-45 min to install. The directions are good & detailed. You need a drill & a rivet gun....

    those other ones do seem pretty easy to install....will they fit any hood, aftermarket or stock? do they have a warranty? They're pretty expensive..
  9. i thought about those, but for $100, i'll use the hood prop, for now anyway.
  10. Wait until you need to spend more than an hour or two working under the hood. That stock prop ends up getting in the way a lot! It's only money man...

  11. Why not just remove the hood then?
  12. Im in college UM. I have all the bills that someone working a 40 week does, so its not just money for me. No doubt they are nice and probably will find their way under my hood in the future (like i said, i considered them before and almost placed an order). But for now anything that doesnt increase power probably isnt going to find its way onto my car. I had the chance to buy some nice, new black bullitts for a good price and turned it down for that reason.

    Does that mean I'm done modding, hell no ;). I'm not that smart. Just decided I'm saving for a Novi, and I'm not buying it unless I have enough money in the bank (knowing I have more coming in) for the next 3 months worth of bills. I wanna be fast before I look fast of have all the goodies.

    Sure its only $100, and I'd probably get by just fine if I got them now. But then again thats a good chunk of my rent, car payment/insurance, utilities, etc. you get the point.
  13. You have a mortgage, 3 vehicle payments, student loans, credit card debt, and lines of credit maxed?*

    *I don't have all that debt, I just wanted to see what you would say.
  14. Smartass. :rolleyes: maybe not ALL, but a lot for a college student.

    Rent, Car Payment/Insurance, Water, Electricity, Waste Disposal, Cell Phone, Health Insurance, Student Loans, Credit Card.

    Theres one I'm forgetting about....

    EDIT: Cable and Internet
  15. Problem with those is that if you have a composite hood like the 03/04 Cobra has then drilling & riveting into it can cause stress cracks.
    Very easy to install. They have a set for 99-04's and another set for 05/06's. Not sure on the warranty....
    Because I'm unable to perform this task by myself.

  16. Just giving you hard times.

    --You can get away with waste disposal by placing it with your neighbors' garbage afterhours. (Unless you mean this as a sewer bill, then you are stuck with it.)
    --Put extra cash toward debt; it sucks the life out of you and combines with inflation to sting you at a stronger rate than the interest rate you pay.
    --Get rid of your credit card or never carry (emergencies only). If you cannot afford to pay cash, don't buy the object (or woman :D) of your desires.
    --Ditch cable. The Internet allows you to watch your favorite shows (download torrents one week later) and view them without interruption.
  17. i know. <3
    The credit card is reserved for emergencies only. What hurt me was I had to put over $2000 on it when the semester began bc my loans and GI Bill didnt go through yet. I always put at least $500 towards paying it off each month.

    Cant get out of our Waste bill. It's all one bill (apartment complex)

    I probably could live without cable, but fact is I'm not hurting for money. I'll admit I have it pretty good for a college kid (well earned I might add), as long as I dont get over-zealous and be wise with my money.

    all i was getting at was that the hood struts are something I dont really need right now (i know, neither is a Novi, but its something I'm saving for and I'm putting the bills and bank account first). That $100 could go towards a lot of other things. As far as how I save for the blower, I just make sure all the bills are paid, and put away a small portion of my monthly income each month. Hopefully by the end of summer I'll be blown. :nice:
  18. Good man. You seem to have your priorities in line and know what you want for goals. Not many people can see where they are going and often don't know where they've been.
  19. Hopefully sometime in the near future you'll be able to part with $100 for something as frivolous as hood struts and not have to worry about it! :nice:

    I remember when I used to live paycheck to paycheck and it wasn't fun at all. It's takes time before one becomes financially stable, but when it does happen it sure is nice when you can spend or throw away money and not have to worry about it...