Nice hood strut kit.

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  1. Yes, that would be wonderfull. Unfortunately, just like helty its simply not that way right now (in college myself, well tech school anyway). I wouldnt hesitate to mod my car, but it had to stop after the exhaust cause I'm gonna need tools and a box in a year.

  2. I got the same ones...not hard to put in...just need a rivet gun...and a lot cheaper in price!

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  3. Yea that's what i could get the $100 ones with a 4 year warranty. guess i'm all about warranties :D
  4. A new '03 hood costs a hell of a lot more than the money you save by purchasing the 'El cheapos. I guess I'm all about protecting my investment and good looks. Plus pop rivets look ghey...

  5. that's my point...they may be cheaper but they come from a good company with a warranty. so far they're the only struts i've seen on cars too.
    I'm not tryin to start anything here.....just showing that there's two brands out there. :shrug: i recommend struts either way........they're awesome :)
  6. Did you also notice how much smaller/shorter the MRT struts are compared to those giant redline struts. Another plus for the MRT's. :nice:

  7. The one's from MRT look exactly like the one's I got from CDC. I would almost bet they make them for MRT.
  8. Pictures ?

    I just ordered the MRT's this morning. I will post up some photo's when completed....
  9. Just like Redline....No kits for 94-98 :notnice:
  10. It's great. Even though it's pricey, I think it's worth it.


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  11. so their more gooder?
  12. Dumb question ahead I think but;

    Should you put pins on if you go with the struts or is the hood no more likely to pop up that with the stock bits?
  13. crapola
  14. The struts do not have anything to do with the hood opening, they simply hold it up once open instead of using the prop rod.
  15. New thread started in 4.6 talk showing my install....

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