Nice misc parts, cheap

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 4MuscleMachines, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. I will take one of the radiator overflows...I will pm you
  2. Parts

    I'll take the rear sway bar and the vaccum secondary carb. Pm me on where to send the money.:nice:
  3. Payment sent for both rear springs and swaybar. As per correspondence via E-mail yesterday.

    Thanks :SNSign:
  4. E-mail sent regarding a radiator overflow tank.

  5. could you post a close up pic of the overflow tank?
  6. check pms!
  7. sent you an email about the 347 carb
  8. overflow radiator tank

    I sent you a PM for the overflow tank..

    let me know.

  9. do you still have one of the carbs? let me know
  10. Thanks again Frank. I received my overflow tank today and it looks great! I can't wait to install it.
  11. Sent you a PM
  12. 4MuscleMachines, Hey I happen to like the cukcoo's nest:D Actually I was just getting ready to PM you The money order i sent to you last Monday just got returned this morning with "no such address" stamped all over it:shrug:. Did you move...... the whole house:p
  13. Any shipping/tracking info on springs/swaybar?

    I still haven't seen anything, assuming because they are so large.
  14. Thanks 4MM...I got the overflow Friday, heck of a deal!
  15. THANKS

    Thanks Frank!

    I just got home from school (away at college each week) and found the parts. They sure were heavy.

    Thanks for such a great deal. :hail2:
  16. Hahaha, good story. My grandfather was the one who received them, and kindly asked the delivery man to bring them in the house and place them in my garage next to the rest of my mustang... I think the 80 year old man would've had slight problems.

    TTT if you haven't sold everything by now.
  17. Do you still have the fog lights? could you send me some pictures? Thanks, Austin
  18. accidentally added an extra reply.
  19. Sorry, all the parts are gone.
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