Nice Night For A Little Photoshoot

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  1. all of these photos are off of my phone so there not the best quality, getting a camera soon!
    as you see in the back security kept checking up on us IMAG0369.jpg IMAG0371_1.jpg IMG_20130904_221957.jpg
  2. Sometimes I miss my 10-holes. I wish somebody would make them in 17" and 5 lug.
  3. Ive been wanting to put new wheels on my car but i gotta 5 lug swap it before i can do that..
  4. ^^^3rd pic, ...that [email protected] stupid security guy:fuss: that's a kool shot bud!!!

    reminds me I need to get my air deflector installed.
  5. thanks man! i tried to get a few without him in it but he kept following us around
  6. 10 hole looks best on a coupe :flag:
  7. Ive been wanting to get ponys in the mean time till i get my 5 lug swap!!
  8. You inspired me today to snap some Atlanta pics :flag:
  9. Save your money and have the rear 10-holes widened so you can mount some 275/50-15s. Then do upgraded 4 lug discs all around. Sometimes I wish I would have done that.
  10. I would Photoshop the security vehicle and the light post out of the third pics, that'd be a good one