nice V6 car photo

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  1. wtf color is that? that lime-gold or whatever? ugly stuff

    but yeah, sexy package :)
  2. agree, that color is pretty funky.
  3. I kinda like that style of wheel..if only they were bigger. I'd probably rather have something else tho
  4. Those look like the old Halibrand wheels. I think the new body style cars would look awesome if you put on a bigger set of those.
  5. I think that color is refered to as puke.
  6. Yeah, I agree. Everything looks good except for the color. :nonono:
  7. Hey, thats the color my wife just picked out for the kitchen!!! Just kidding...

    But seriously. The GT is supposed to get our blood pumping, the base model is supposed to appeal to our wives/girlfreinds/future female aquaintences. I don't mean to be sexist, but I showed my wife pictures of the silver GT, and she called it a "Guy Car" with more than a hint of distain. However, she was ogling the new Beetle convertible the other day that is painted a strikingly similar color to this v6 mustang.

    The women are who buys those models primarily, and in droves, too. If it weren't for them, the Mustang would be gone the way of the F-body. and we'd be hoping to get it back, instead of drooling over it "in the metal", as it were.

    Be thankful that this exists, and thank the next person you see driving a v6 mustang, for keeping the name alive for you to enjoy your high performance ride.

    I do see a blood red V8 stripped-down road brawler in there somewhere, just waiting to show its head. It might actually swing a little of the street racer crowd over from their FWD econo-boxes. One can only hope.
  8. the v6 will also appeal to younger drivers that are worried about insurance $$. but no doubt they would much rather have a v8.
  9. WOW, those mirrors are REDICULOUSLY big.

    Probably off the F150 parts bin?!?! Jeeez Ford, almost as big as the car.

    That is a 1960's looking color! Disgusting
  10. And is it just me or does it look like a TRUCK from this angle?

  11. That color is awsome. And it's going to sell alot of cars. :nice:
  12. for some reason, all the pics I see of that red one make it look kinda drab. the silver ones and even that puke one looks much more agressive. and yes it kinda does look like a truck
  13. Yup those mirrors have got to go :) I think that red Mustang might look like a truck because someone photoshopped some nasty tires on there.
  14. Wow, it looks like Ford actually spent some effort on the V6 wheels this time around. I'm truly amazed.

    And yeah, that lime gold is fugly.
  15. I was hoping the "lime gold" was gonna be more vibrant greenish color. I have a photoshopped pic at work with the green color I like...not even close to that one heh
  16. Nope. Classic 60s Stangs may have been great designs, but they came in some really nasty colors. IMO lime gold looks exactly how it sounds. Might as well replace "lime gold" with "Urine."
  17. Those of us in the classic community call it "slime gold". And I will have you know that many 60's colors are better looking than today's colors.

    Check my sig. That is a factory color on my fastback.
  18. Lots of 60s colors worked well with chrome but don't look good on today's cars, and vise versa.
  19. Did you see any chrome on my car?

    Those pictures were taken without bumpers.

    Honetly, Slime Green looks better without chrome IMHO.

    Out of ALL of the colors from the 60's, I can't figure out WHY they would bring THAT color back.