Niche Wheels

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  1. I found some niche wheels with a 4x108 lug pattern 6"backspace and a 45mm offset will they work on my 89 gt convert
  2. Whats the bore sizing?
  3. 72.6 bore
  4. These are the wheels

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  5. Stock wheels are

    4.25" BS
    +22 offset

    Looks like those are FWD rims but the numbers, and not really ideal. They will sit VERY inboard on your car. You'd need 1" spacer or more to make them flush, and that's not really ideal.
  6. mine had 15s on them stock. I was also thinking of xxr
  7. Still would be the same stock offset and BS.

    Short answer, those wheels are too deep for the stock fox 4-lug brake setup.
  8. Wow 45mm offset! More than likely for a front wheel drive car.
  9. what wheels should I go with that you guys recommend that are four lug. a friend of mine told me ccw
  10. It all comes down to your taste. I would hate like hell for someone to pick wheels out for me. I personally have been really liking the 93 cobra wheels lately