"night scoop"

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by WillDuhhBeast, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. I want to see actual installed pics from owners, not from sellers. :)
  2. ^^ I knew KT would love it :)

  3. I second that...why not just install an underbody neon kit on the car while at it...same thing.
  4. I dont see much of a problem with a very GOOD underbody kit. If it's all done right, it's pretty nice.

    I agree it would be nice to see pictures from owners as opposed to sellers. I think its a unique sort of style.. I like it.
  5. I dont really care for that too much, however, i second the motion that there is nothing wrong with a good underbody kit, as I have a white set on my car and i think they look good. The are street glow gold series, and I have had them for about a year, without any problems.
  6. I also have a white underbody streetglow gold series kit on my crimson red 04. I don't think theres anything wrong w/ it. But since people think it's rice. I don't give a *****.. Now, if that grill thing came in white maybe. But I don't know if I like that to much.
  7. Brandon,
    Nice car BTW. I checked it out in that issued of Mustang Enthusiast.

    As for the lights. Not my cup of tea, but if you like it, get it.
  8. dumb ricers!
  9. how much money did yall spend on the underbody kits>?
  10. Shaddup n00bert.
  11. that red one would be cool, kinda makes it look like one of the old mopar breathers
  12. ummm it does look kind of silly unless the color of the scoop light would match the color of the cr , then i think it might look good depending on the color of the car of course.IMO

    if you like it , get it
  13. I knowa guy with a gt and neons everywhere 20" chromes and 4:10's and he thinks his car is the ****zle. Hes Asain to the fullest, he even has streetglow stickers on his car.
  14. I don't understand how neons get thrown aside as rice. It makes no sense to me. Go to a car show and look around.. 90% of the cars that win have a NICE lighting setup because they are judged partially on lighting.

    Yeah, considering the fact like most of the people on this forums could care less what it looks like as long as it can run 11's at the track might have something to do with it. I don't have a problem with my car looking really nice in the daytime and night-time and being fast.
  15. I like the tanning bed bulbs under mine, at shows the hot chicks lay under my car to tan...... The ricer guys use them to make stir-fry.... They are a win-win situation I think!