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    I used to have a streetglow gold series yellow kit on my car, but i got sick of it, and its been chillin in the corner for 2 years now.

    Actually, I installed it on my kitchen table not too long ago. So my kitchen table has streetglow hahaha

  2. So what makes it rice?
  3. Always so blunt and to the point...I like it! :nice:
  4. You didn't buy it for him, so quit ****ing.

  5. Can you explain to me what rice is?

    What catogorizes rice? What's it take to get rice.. or be rice?
  6. He doesn't ****in know.
  7. It's in the f%@king dictionary.

    "Ricing" (a term usually not used by the modifier himself) a vehicle is meant to emulate the work of independent automotive tuning companies who modify more than just appearance, and to give an appearance of greater ability than the car actually has. Ricing is generally looked down upon amongst people who actually modify the running parts of the vehicle itself, e.g. engine tuning.

    Common aftermarket modifications in this style, or "rice," can include:

    neon and LED lighting, such as lighted windshield washer nozzles, underbody neon lights, etc.
  8. So what about people who actually make there car look good and go fast? Is that rice?
  9. [QUOTE='03GTinFLA]Brandon,
    Nice car BTW. I checked it out in that issued of Mustang Enthusiast.

    As for the lights. Not my cup of tea, but if you like it, get it.[/QUOTE]
    Thanks alot man. And as for the lights. I don't use them that much, but sometimes it's cool IMO. But like everything there is, some people will love it, some people will hate it....... EVERYTHING!!!!
  10. Um no. That's not a dictionary. Try Merriam-Webster. Ass.
  11. That is so ghey, but if you want it its your $.

  12. Apparently "Rice" is an opinion.

    A good question was brought up a few posts earlier..

    If it really does go.. and it has neons is it riced...? The world may never know.
  13. If you like it then buy it! You shouldn't need the opinion of something from people online you most likely will never meet. Its your car, and if your gonna ask about something on here be prepared for the opinions of those who don't like anything out of the norm. A better internet forum for these types of mods would be Mustangworld. This thing would be embraced and probably already a popular mod. I personally think its a stupid mod in the realm of neon valve stem caps and wiper nozzles but again its your buck so spend it as you like.
  14. wow those pics of the different colors were photchop'd :nice:
  15. You mean floorglow. :banana:
  16. That is the dumbest thing I ever seen, thats like putting windshield wiper lights on your car with the ricers.
  17. gayer than richard simmons