"night scoop"

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  1. I spent a little bit over a hundred on ebay.
  2. RICE= 95% of us on these board, btw not trying to offend anyone.

    aftermarket exhaust= RICE
    body kits (including hood and or spoiler)=RICE
    headlight/tail lights other than factory=RICE

    its youre car, do what you want with it, only you make the payment
  3. not sure i agree;
    exhaust = free flow=HP
    hoods= more clearance for intakes and or heat extraction = HP
    headlights= atleast on 96-98 being able to see :D added cobra, so its still stock sorta... :p
  4. its just different peoples perspective :shrug: . if the guy likes the lighted scoop, then i say go for it. as long as he can look at his car and say......yea thats nice.

    i didnt want to seem like an ass before, but after reading lots of people just popped up and said RICE.....well some of them should probably look at themselves first.
  5. :nonono: How old are you? :nice:
  6. 28 and why?

    sorry square, i guess you did get offended.
  7. Seriously, every time I read the threads here I can't believe how you guys can stand it. Not every single mod you don't agree with is "ricerish."

    Here's a flame for you. KIT (the car in Knightrider,) was "ricer" as hell, by most of your standards, especially the lights in the front grill.. yet no one dares criticize it. Hrmph.
  8. my car's not that fast but It drops alot of panties:p just the custom paint job alone does it. I dont see why your "mods" must match your performance. I'd take my car anyday over some stock looking 2004 gt that runs low 12's...
  9. I like this guy! :stupid: :cheers:
  10. How could a car that speaks....English at that.....be rice? :p
  11. Sorry :stupid:
    The glare off the hood might be an issue. :notnice:
    Besides then everyone will know the scoop is fake! :nonono:
  12. The answer is yes, didn't you see F&F.
    The mods are,and are known to appear on imports mostly. If you like them, I don't have a problem, but I do joke about them , even on Mustangs at show and on the street. BTW, Kit was Ricey ahead of his time. Kind of like Two Live Krew in the music industry.
  13. Pretty ugly
  14. THAT looks HORRIBLE!!!!. Defintely a rice accessory.

    Here's the pic from the site, so you don't have to go to the site.
  15. I'm surprised no-one has mention that it reminds them of the car on Knight Rider. Only if that light could strobe side to side.
  16. Someone did.
  17. I am amazed that any one even cares if someone else thinks something is "ricey"... It IS the internet people! Who cares what internet weenies think? :D

  18. they say they are LED's i don't think it would be too hard to just clip them out and wire in White LED's. :dunno:

    As far as the "night Scoop" i'm not sure how i feel about it yet.
  19. Awww dude, you know how StangNet is...that's all these peeps want - they just wanna know what everyone else thinks. Am I right...? Tell me what you think? :shrug: :D :rlaugh: