Night Shifter 00GT build progress thread

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  1. holy shat i never thought this thread would come :D

    well boys and girls its time for me to join the bandwagon and get started with a build thread. as of right now the projects are headers, h pipe and new brakes..

    parts bought:
    Mac LT headers
    Mac Prochamber
    13" Cobra brake kit ( kit)
    Blue Caliper paint
    Vortech SQ v2
    CXRacing intercooler
    Lightning MAF
    Anderson Power Pipe
    New MPH tune
    Steeda STB being purchased wednesday
    Centerforce DF being ordered next monday
    Also i will be ordering misc. items like guages and a shift light but ill get to that part when it comes

    im looking to get either twin focus fuel pumps or onne from a cobra and i need injectors...42# maybe? im looking to run 14-18psi... also right now i am working on a full detail cleaning including wheel wells, any underbody areas that are dirty and repolishing exhaust.. I will also be buying a shat ton more of suspension and chassis bracing and maybe some new seats.. anyway lets begin shall we..

    as she sits right now:
    the beginning of the header install... and dont be jealous of my garage floor of the future :rlaugh:

    when i was pulling of the h pipe i noticed it had rubbed an area of the damage just a couple little this normal?
    i didnt realize those pics were blurry until now but it gives you an idea of where and what it has rubbed on..

    i think i may have bit off more than i can chew with this header install since i cant raise the motor or drop the k member.. i have a buddy that will hopefully be helping me out.. now i have to install the new brakes before i get into the header install... what a PITA :nonono:

    I also started cleaning wheel wells while i was out there.. dummy me i forgot to take before pics so right now all i have is a few after pics.. when i start on the other side then ill post some before shots lol
    View attachment 268435
    View attachment 268436
    they arent 100% clean but it was like 48* out and dropping and getting ready to snow so this was as far as i got.. i noticed on the insides of the wheels there were paint chips but when the wheel was back on you couldn't tell they were there.

    and i took this randomly and i just kinda liked it

    hopefully the end of march will mark the end of this build...but i doubt it since nothing ever goes that well with me lol
  2. Nice list of items, but i wouldn't Boost that much on a stock block or else your motor is gonna go boom really fast. I would stay at around 10 maybe 12 max on a stock block. Even the i would say you are pushing it. The max I would boost on my stock block is 10 pounds of boost.
  3. oh i know, but due to our 500 word sig limit i didnt add i have forged internals from manley and probe :D guess i just never mentioned it.. you think even still should i work on getting a new block?
  4. If you got forged pistons, rods and a crank you should probably be set then. That's a big upgrade to not mention lol.
  5. holy crap :eek:

    when did all this happen?!?!?1

    you, sir, are damn sneaky :rlaugh:

    that sounds like quite a list, and no, you wont need another block for a while, all you need is some forged pistons and rods, and maybe even a crank. All that with your 6 speed :drool:

    all that and still stock rims, ultimate sleeper :drool:

    good luck with the build man :SNSign:
  6. lol i guess it really never came up... and with all these dudes on here with there crazy boosted cars and their aluminum blocks and high horsepower, i figured i had no bragging right on a built n/a lol... plus i mad have a rod issue and i might be redoing internals soon anyway... i guess ill find out when the blower goes on :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    and and elite, i just been waiting to make sure i had at least 90% of everything before i opened my big mouth and then had nothing come of it he he he..sneaky i am and yes, if i keep the stock rims, ultimate sleeper FTMFW!!!!

    can 8" rims even handle 400ish hp?
  7. oh, do you all think i should get the suspension all set up before the blower, go blower then suspension, or does it even matter?

  8. it would be sweet if you got them widened. stock look, not stock size.
  9. Nice build plan. At first I was thinking "this guys is going to window his block" untill you stated you already had forged internals. I cant wait to start mine in about 7-8 months. My only 2 suggestions would be to paint your calipers black instead of blue and to upgrade to 60lb injectors over the 42s. With that much boost your 42s might be maxed out or very close so why buy injectors twice? Yes 60s cost a little more but you can find them on sale from time to time and have seen them go for about $80 more then 42s on ebay. Check out JMS chip they usually have a sale with 60s and a sct maf. One last thing I dont think your maf will handle that much boost. I was close to maxing mine at 7 psi from my vortech.

  10. Posted via Mobile Device i swear ive mentioned the forged internals before :shrug: maybe it was mustang forums or orlando forums or fnsweet or bmr...idk im on too many forums...thanks for the info new to the boost thing so any other help would be awesome too
  11. about sneaky!!!!!!!!!!!! :rlaugh:

    As far as the boost goes.....14-18 is huffing! Depending on what you want to spend, I would think about upgrading the sq trim to the new si trim. If you send it to vortech it will cost I think $300 for the upgrade. I was told the new SI trim is self contained, you do not need the oil lines. No need to tap the stock oil pan. Also it will make more power pound for pound boost-wise.

    If you are going to run that much boost, I would look into an 8 rib kit. You might or might not run into belt slip, but if you are doing it right the first time, you might as well do it right the first time like I say

    Fuel system-most people run the focus pumps, or you can run the GT supercar pumps. can get the 03/04 cobra fuel tank with dual pumps and hat along with the baffled tank. Def. look into a MAF as well as 60's. Once agian, the entire do it right the first time. Yes many people have 42's out to 450+ but if you are going to be boosting that much you might as well go with the 60's.
  12. ONLY the V-3 SI trim is self contained. Upgrading a V-2 Sq trim to a SI trim will NOT make the head unit self contained. The ONLY thing that changes with the upgrade is the impeller thats it. If he wants a self contained head unit he will have to buy one.
  13. I would looooove to have a self contained head unit... i just don't see that happeneing right now... whats the maximum power the 42's can hold? i may just stick with 10-12lbs for a little while then slam it to like 18 or something...14-18 may be a little much for the twisties lol

    lots of good info guys. thanks! if i can find a cobra or a cobra tank, i'd like to go that route... it seems a lot of people are running focus pumps so i may try that route since i know they work well...not too sure if i can find and cobra tanks around here

    does anyone know if wheel widening adds a lot of weight to wheels? now that mustang50v8 has put that idea in my head it sounds kinda can't really beat the 17lb wheel weight of these rims ya know...even though now i know what other rims would make this car look great
  14. id say you will just shred the tires with that much boost and an 8" wheel!
  15. Sweet! Glad to see the progress threads are catching on in 4.6 :nice:

    What to say? Well you are gonna need a new MAF meter if you wana do 14+ psi then get the 60lb injectors. Sounds like you got a fun project going on :cheers:

  16. Posted via Mobile Device thanks man! i guess since i already have the lightning MAF ill just stick with 10psi... 14 is overshooting it right now i guess and that will get me used to boost before i jump into high hp and put the car in a tree lol
  17. My lightning MAF meter pegged @ 5000 rpm when running 447 rwhp @ 13 psi. Really 10-12 psi is all they are good for. Flowing more air then that into the 4.6 and you will need something larger.
  18. Yeah thats what I have had a couple tuners tell me. I am only running 8lbs of boost, they told me 10-12 would be about as high as I would want to go on my 37lbers right now. So keep the boost low for now with the 42's since you hav meter already. Check out buy ford to get the injectors, they them at a good price
  19. Dude effing sweet! i've been waiting to hear about your build. I didn't realize you had such a parts list going. Its gonna be damn awesome w/ all that and a 6 speed, buit for the twisties. Thats the route im going with my suspension. Im actually gonna order the Tokicos tonight fer my berfday:banana:

  20. Posted via Mobile Deviceoh yeah dude, happy birthday! thanks mane! i guess im gonna stick with low boost for naw since i already have the MAF.. tim at MPH will be tuning it it on their dyno so im sure hell give me a nice safe tune...Twisties FTMFW!!! suspension for your bday is a perfect gift lol