Night Shifter 00GT build progress thread

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  1. Nope... A 1" spacer will work fine. I have seen a buddy of mine put 1" spacers on his 17X8" stock wheels & they sat perfectly flush with the fender lip similar to 17X10.5's.
  2. i think some of laser's bad car juju rubbed off on me....

    installed brakes thursday, but didn't have anyone to help me blees them as i don't have a brake bleeding kit..

    friday, get the girlfriend to help.. i started from the passenger side rear went to drivers side rear then to passenger front and lastly drivers front... no brakes :(

    so i do it brakes.. do it again.. little bit spongy feeling...turn car on, brake pedal drops to floor back to having no brakes....

    2 1/2 hours later i call my step dad..been a mechanic forever and truly knows his stuff.. tells me to bleed master cylinder then do it all over again.... so i bleed it, and repeat...

    feels like a have brakes.. turn car on to take a test drive..1 click no power.... ahhhhhhh

    turns out battery is toast... so i go buy a new one....put it in today(saturday) what happens when i go to start it....NOTHING!

    find loose ground wire and fix juice everywhere...turn key, horrible starter noise, no start and fire type smell...

    now my starter is toast.... ugh...i hate theres 2 new unplanned items on my list... once this gets sorted out, if that ever happens, the headers will go in....

    anyway thanks for reading my lons post :SNSign:
  3. I think we all must have the same walmart gm low profile jack!!!

    So uh, was tiffany a good helper? i remember her hating on domestic :D

    You might be having brake bleeding issues with the abs module not allowing it to pass thru
  4. Dont you just start thinking WTF am I getting into when stuff like that happens :lol: I hate that, but I am sure it will be worth it in the long run!
  5. Well at least the starter went not and not after the headers were on there, that would have sucked monkey nuts
  6. Ididn'tdoit
  7. lol i didnt feel like speding $200 on a different jack... and yeah she didn't care even though it was a mustang ha ha..

    how do i fix that abs problem?

    i thought that the whole day lol...i hope it will be worth it

    i would have cried

    suuuure :p
  8. some people with the abs not allowing you to bleed have said they had to go to ford and have them bleed it by opening the abs ports through a computer operation........
  9. Posted via Mobile Device yeah cause that dont sound expensive or i hope i can avoid that
  10. when i put my line lock on i was afraid of that happening, Never did it to me, maybe someone more brake educated will kick in here
  11. I thought the ABS pump cycles with the ignition and that you can bleed the pump by turning the key off and on a few times :shrug:
  12. might have been something like that, i remember seeing the problem referenced when i was searching for bleeding info on here

    haha sorry for that... anyway, so after about 2 weeks of not being able to get the brakes bled correctly, i had to take it to ford to see what was up... while it was there i decided to have them throw in the clutch before i put the LT's in...i figured it was gonna be $350 for a clutch install pretty much anywhere so what the hell ya know.. why not have them do it instead of one of these backwoods retards

    I should be getting it back either tomorrow or monday..i miss seeing that thing in my driveway...its been gone forever...

    Also the STB came in...i almost feel bad i have to paint's laser or torch red which is sexy looking with black steeda letter across the front...sooooo should i paint it blue with the black letters or just paint it all black like i originally planned????? maybe i could leave it red and see if the colors go together lol

    ill post pics of the stb either tomorrow or sunday... oh does anyone know what size nuts/bolts this things uses for the install??? I didnt get any hardware so i need to go buy some..

    welp thats all for now.. once i get the car back ill have it for a day before i take it to a buddies and the headers get installed :nice:
  14. Sweet dude. I think you should either paint it blue or black. Either one of those would look badass! It was probably a good idea to have Ford do the clutch install if you aren't comfortable doing it. Good to hear its all comming long:nice:
  15. Black rocks! I just got my Steeda STB in yesterday too! :rlaugh:
  16. ok so i got my car back and i went to put the stb on today just as a mock up and it seems to not fit... at the firewall part of the wiring harness seems to be in the way and only on the drivers side tower is where it seems to fit..any suggestions :shrug: and yes my engine bay is horrible dirty due to the pos street/wagon trail i live on.. they make for good before i clean it up pics i guess..

    heres pics of how its not seeming to fit:

    pass side:

    driver side:

    so once i drill the holes and put the bolts in, will that make it fit snugly?
  17. Well i DO know that on the FW you have to remove the plastic and dremel it out to fit around the bar but idk about the pass. side. this is good info as i have the MM cc plates and am going to be getting a stb soon.
  18. yeah i knew about the dremel part but i still figured it would at least kinda fit on the mock up....this build is fighting me every step of the way and learn right? :D
  19. Yea dude, nothing ever goes according to plan. At least you got another ride though
  20. it's kinda nice being able to blend in every now and then and not having a bunch off ricers revvin up on me all the time... but then again, i LOVE the attention i get in the car!

    oh i ment to tell you, ive installed plenty of clutches before....pretty easy job...the only thing is this time, my driveway(if you want to call it that) is gravel... try manuvering a jack on gravel...dont work...makes a lot of things impossible....can't wait to go back home to a REAL driveway