Night Shifter 00GT build progress thread

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  1. Oh yea dude i love the attention too.:cheers: And yea gravel plus a floor jack don't quite mesh well:D
  2. *update*

    after having issue after issue with my brakes i have finally found the problem...hydroboost has a crack in it and it leaking like crazy...another nice unplanned part on the list

    due to this, it looks like my headers and sc install are on holf for now since the hydroboost is about $350...maybe if im lucky, when i go home in 10 days i can bring my headers there and use my step dads shop and knock it out...doubtfull cause i'll only be there for 4 days... but hey, maybe ill get lucky :shrug:

    if not, i have no idea when im gonna be able to get the headers in.. i may just be installing the sc before the headers and running very low boost untill the fuel system is completely done...i have the injectors but no pump...thanks to my hydroboost issue, i may not have it for a while now
  3. im baaaaaack

    so new parts to add to the list and i also did a little work this weekend..first the parts

    i will be purchacing a 2.5 CF hood + CF decklid and the car will be painted in may. This came about because thursday i brought my car to work and when i went outside at lunch to move it i noticed that someone had hit my car at the middle of the drivers door and scraped all the way down to the rear bumper...this is all in the employee parking lot so it was someone i work with...good thing there is a camera out there... this dumb arse lady is going to have a great surprise when she returns to work tomorrow :D

    both hood and decklid will be painted the same color as the car except the area on the decklid between the headlights will remain CF so that i can have a kick a$s looking blackout panel!

    also, a speed of sound guage pillar will be holding in my autometer cobalt boost guage and wideband :nice: I also think i may have found a cobra tank/fuel pump deal and i will be going to check that out on wednesday

    lastly, headers are a go for tomorrow :D

    on to the work...

    since a lot of people on here liked to tell me to fix my camber, i did just that.. i switched my top plates due to me having them in negative orientation (on purpose for track duty) and have put the camber back to positive so that now my wheels are straight.. i will tell you though, the handleing definatly left after doing this... i might actuallly put some negative camber back in... id rather buy tires more often than regular than to lose my handleing...its not horrible, but way different.. ill post up pics later cause im too tired

    and i dont think i have any good(ish) pics up of the cobra brakes yet so heres a couple to satisfy you:


    yes i know, the car is dirty..thats all for now...
  4. ummm....what the hell are you talking about??? nobody in this thread has claimed any of what you have just written....did you post in the wrong thread??

    i dont understand what you are talking about :shrug:

    anyway, heres a quick vid, and i mean quick, of my exhaust at 40mph..not that great of quality but it will be a good comparison for when i get the headers/prochamber installed

    View attachment 262164
  5. that guy looks like a noob. lol, yeah, i read it as well and was like, wtf is he talking about, this is a build thread....and you have a 6 speed.

    btw, car is coming out menacing dude, sounds healthy too.
    its crazy how your car changed in month.
  6. That sucks about the hydraboost and the hit and run, but its comming along nicely. Your gonna love the new exhaust man

  7. Posted via Mobile Device someone needs to ban that dude..and yeah, the car feels totally different from a month ago and its not even close to being done! thanks guys!
  8. new update i guess 4/28

    i took some pics of the hack job and some were hard to get to come out so im just going to throw a few up anyway just to give you all an idea of how bad the shop f'd me over on the header install.. also, when i got the car back i found that every single panel on the car had at least 1 good sized scratch along with a lot more.. it lookes like they ran the front of the car into a wall ans scraped the fron bumper all to hell and same with the passenger side door.. somehow they even managed to scratch up the roof, a pillar, and the black plastic cowl.. so now i need to get the owner to pay for the paint job too.... ugh

    anyway, my plans have now changed... i was really tempted to sell the car but im deciding to go against that idea and go for broke since ive already put this much work into her and have tons more crap waiting for install..

    so now, she has a date with Tim at MPH and will be undergoing a FULL build from them.. which will include an aluminator block and new rotating assembly... once that is done, the car will go from MPH to my step dads shop and get a full paint job with the new CF hood and decklid.. by then i may have cobra side skirts for the car also.. so the question now is, stay altlantic blue or go sonic?

    anywho, heres a few pics:

    nice paint chips dude
    mufflers against frame
    hard to tell, but you can see where they just welded in a nut on the broke bolt

    i have a ton more pics but you get the idea... mustang50v8 might be right in the fact that i think im going to go serial killer on these hillbillies....

    after the MPH drop off i probably wont get the car back until close to sucks... but, i guess that will keep miles off her :shrug:
  9. that sucks dude, but stay with the atlantic blue. i always liked that color.
  10. couple teaser pics...


  11. wow, that is horrible work they did man, i feel so bad, come to think about it, i would have completely kicked those mechanics asses.
  12. Wow......sounds like you have been to the moon and back...but I guess it will all be worth it when its all said and done!
  13. yeah.. this has truly been a nightmare.. i have a ton of pics now of the bolts that are just hanging out of the side of the head and ones of the broken bolts...its cool though i guess cause ill be getting paid soon due to small claims court... but she's in good hands now and the full build got started last week so once its done i guess it'll be worth all the headache i hope

    and mazen, trust me, the hardest thing ive ever had to deal with in my life was holding myself back to not go there and rearrange every one of there faces....very hard to keep from doing that when someone does something like this

    this car is gonna be totally different when i get it back though.. its gonna be wierd lol
  14. So does MPH have the car now?
  15. its all good, kinda been there with a car, not to your extreme, but definately understandable. is MPH going to be doing the dyno tuning as well?
  16. yeah, they're doing it all...since small claims court ruled in my favor i get to have a little fun with the build... they called yesterday and told me that there were 3 broke bolts all together but they got them out with ease

    hopefully, i get to schedule the tuning day on the day i get to pick the car up cause thats something i would really love to have on video

    quick pic of the car on the trailer
  17. i really hope a ford is towing that. haha.
  18. Very nice. I would only hope you are letting tim tune that whats the plan for the build? 500 hose 600 horse?:D
  19. Posted via Mobile Device hes the only one i would trust to do it..right now, since im only running 42# injectors and a lightning MAF im just gonna try for the 450-500 range..until then ill keep the 12# pulley off the car..maybe eventually ill try for 550-600 but i think its wise i take small thats leaving me cash for the hood, decklid, paint, and guages....unless i get talked into upgrading the MAF......