Night Shifter 00GT build progress thread

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  1. Whats the breakdown of what its getting agian? I know you said you have an s-trim....front mount intercooler?
  2. haha.. actually i was going to tow it with my land rover being that it can tow a friggin house, and as i was pulling out of my driveway it came to a jarring stop and the differential lock light came on.. both front and rear diffs and the transfer case had locked up on me.... turned out to be a blown fuse but at the time i had no clue what was going on and didnt really have the time to look at it

    i ended up having to tow it with a nissan exterra..which was HORRIBLE by the way.. it was the only vehicle i had access to that could tow and there was no way that i wasn't going to just sit at home with the car sitting dont flame me guys.. i was tired of having the car fight me and yes, i know that the xterra is the total wrong thing to tow with cause it lacked the power to do so, but one way or another i was making sure i left that day with the car in tow...xterras suck, DONT EVER TRY TO TOW YOUR CAR WITH ONE LOL

    Vortech SQ v2, CXRacing intercooler and piping, Lightning MAF, Anderson Power Pipe, vortech BOV, 42# injectors, a 3.33 pulley and a 3.12 8 rib RR pulley, and i bought an 04 cobra tank/pump off svtperformance

    as far as the block/motor combo...i got an aluminum block, im keeping the stock crank.. i have the 8 bolt deal and im understand the GT cranks can hold a good amount of power, the manley rods that are in my current block are being switched to the new block, forged probe pistons are going in, of course new bearing and rings and all those goodies will be new, and my heads are being ported.. im keeping the old pistons and block just in case me foot gets a little too heavy lol...

    oh and i was told today that they wont be charging me for the labor of pulling the 3 broke bolts out of the heads becuse they came out with ease...i was told that it just looked like the previous douche canoes probably tightend the bolts too tight and they that was a cool thing to hear
  3. More power to you in trusting the stock crank, as I do agree the rods and pistons are the problem area, but if its all built, then why not put a cobra crank it it?:shrug:
  4. Posted via Mobile Device im cheap and lazy :shrug:
  5. So its been a while since i've been on here and heared anything about your build. Judging by you sig is it fair to say its done? If so Congrats mang:nice:
  6. yeah, i got it back and its finished..BUT.............

    1. the day i got it back i was having o2 sensor issues
    2. during the fix of the o2 sensors i found that my intake manifold was cracked since i dont have the aluminum crossover...
    3. it never got painted due to my hood taking a month to get here...ordered june 7th, supposed to arrive the 29th...the car was supposed to be painted 4th of july weekend and i was supposed to pick it up the 10th... i left on the 12th, the hood came on the 13th.. :notnice:
    4. didnt put passenger side gasket on.. so that just got done today cause it sounded horrible

    i never got to pick it up from parent ended up having to cause i couldnt get off work...dyno sheets were supposed to be in the car when i got it but after the car went to my parents they i was going to take it to the place i had it dynod a few times before but that's not a wise idea with a cracked intake manifold...

    but i can tell you that she pulls like a mofo and all i did the first day when i had it was giggle like a little school girl at the power...but right now if i drive it ive been keeping it in the low rpm's cause of the intake manifold....which ill be taking care of next week....i hope....

    oh i looked into widening the rear wheels and it was $250 a i think im just gonna order a set of anthracite fr500's instead

    and for some reason, im the only person with a prochamber and flows that has a car that sounds like a is that cause i have lt's?

    here's the only pic i have of the car since i got it back...ill post more up when i get my crap squared away and my camera back since im in the process of moving
  7. your car sounds like a prius? lmfao. that is one fast F'n Prius. glad to know things are going good to say the least. and as far as the sound, thats really weird why its not roaring like a lion when you step on it.
  8. Yeah I was kinda wondering what in the world ever happened since we never heard back...glad its slowly working out!
  9. Really? Well glad to hear you have it back. Sorry for all the problems with it though. Im sure once its all worked out it'll be one hell of a ride.
  10. haha yep a prius.. the whole ride back from fl there was absolutely no sound of exhaust whatesoever from 70-80mph....i could hear crickets it was so quiet.. normaly my ears are ringing on road trips... not this time... even when i start it up it just sounds like a stock mustang with only mufflers..... going through gears it sounds good and loud but once i get to a cruising speed, its back to sounding like a stock mustang again... its weird.. even at WOT it's a lot quieter than it was when i just had an o/r h and mufflers.. oh well though cause it'll really confuse people when that quiet of a car spanks them lol

    i was planning on doin an updat here shortly but i figured id wait till my intake manifold problem was fixed... i guess your times a ticken when you have the plastic one and im not sure if it had already started before the sc or after...ive gone through the thought of getting the trickflow mani but i think im just gonna buy a stock out of money lol

    even with all the kinks i still have to work out, its still a hell of a ride lol... but i can tell you that after going through all the crap i went through with this car, itll be in my hands until im 6 feet under

    when i get my camera back ill take a few quick pics and some exhaust clips so you can hear how quiet it is
  11. dehh.. forgot i had a crappy cell phone pic of the front that kinda show the intercooler