Nightmare's Progress Thread!

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  1. Well It's beena looong time since I have been on SN, so now that I am finally getting around to working on the Stang again I thought it fitting to go ahead and start my own progress thread. First, since I got my BBK LT's installed in early 2006 there has been a slight leak. That is one thing I am tackling, along with my noisy TOB. In March 2009 I had the Trans rebuilt but I don't think the mech. replaced the TOB/PB, so I am replacing those along with getting an new clutch, cable, firewall adjuster and quadrant. I'll also be getting the N2O system all fixed and up to par. I figure while I am at it I will do some more suspension work too. Theres several smaller issues I'll be addressing as well. And here is an older pic for those that have never seen my car.

    How she sits today
    Old Exhaust
    Cramped workspace, but at least I have an air compressor...
  2. awesome man keep us posted!
  3. sweet man, its always worth it in the end!

    my cars been apart for 3 weeks and im halfway
  4. I thought maybe they had you on an undercover mission in the west end.;) Glad your back. Quick question...saw a late model unmarked Mustang that I think LMPD had behind some construction under the belvedere last week. I think it was gray or something like that. This is the first police stang I have seen since the old fox body 5.0's. What year is it and how man do you all have? I was coming from the other direction and couldn't believe those were Mustang driving lights in the grill with the red and blues.;):D
  5. Hahaha no I've just been on the late shift. Thank god I got on another shift though. I actually have time to do things outside of work now. To be honest I didn't even know we had any Stangs with the Police package. Thats something I'll have to look into...The ole' Stang has been apart for (gasp) 8 months.:nonono:, It'll be noce to drive her again.
  6. Nice to see you're back. While looking through an old thread just the other day, I thought about you being gone. I'm sure you'll be ecstatic once you get her back together and running. Keep us posted! :nice:
  7. Nice! Always loved your car. :drool: Glad to see ya back and cant wait to see some pics of her on teh road! :nice:
  8. you selling that xpipe?!


    I know, I know :OT:

    good work man! :nice:
  9. Thanks guys its been entirely too long since I have been on here and even longer since I have driven the Stang. I have been so busy with work and other stuff that I have been neglecting the Stang. KB, I'm not sure if I am getting rid of the X yet. I may be redoing the whole exhaust as well. We'll see how the build goes.
  10. Damn, welcome back.

    Hurry up and get that thing on the road so you can run some nitrous through it, lol.
  11. great to hear from you again man! nice project you have going on... damn that car looks good with the fr500's
  12. Wow, great looking car man.
  13. Update: June 29, 2010

    Ok well I got some more work done on here yesterday. I was able to get the passenger side almost all the way apart, just need to get a pickle fork to finish it the rest of the way and its on to the drivers side. As I am going along I am thinking of more and more parts I want to upgrade, like the breaks:nice:

    C-Springs, bye bye iso's:D
    I am debating whether or not I want to go with a tubular K-member since I am dropping the stock one anyways, but my Tokico's are still basically brand new (less than 6,000 miles)
  14. keep the a arms and grab a tubular k :nice: well worth it!
  15. What K-member can I run the stock A-arms with?
  16. i know for sure steeda and MM
  17. Ok thanks. Now that I think about it I do remember the MM piece allowing the use of the stock a-arms. Thats what happens when your out of the Stang world for a few months, you forget things. Anyways that AJE K looks awesome from a price standpoint. Hows it in terms of reliability and durability?
  18. Even if you can't find the funds to upgrade the brakes it would be a huge improvement to repaint the calipers since it looks like the paint on yours has seen better days. I got mine from Eastwood and I even found some little mustang decals that supposedly were from ford but I doubt that. Anywho I found out later not to put all the activator with all the paint as you will have paint jello in a few hours but I was still able to get a coat on the front ones and it makes it look night and day better. :nice:
  19. Yea I am thinking about just going with the cobra package. Thanks for the advice though.