NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. All your different threads are confusing me;) :scratch: . Wow had no idea you hader painted:drool: ! Looks sweet now post some pictures of her at the track running 12's!

  2. If you saw it in person, you'd see the paint is really kind of "meh". It has a lot of orange peel and the car has a million door dings that I didn't even know existed because the old paint was so bad. The only saving grace is that the metallic really pops, but it's actually almost overpowering- what was supposed to be black ends up looking charcoal-copper-ish in the sun (metallic flake is gold-ish), which I have mixed feelings about. I guess I'm overly critical because it's MY car, but I definitely think it could be better. Thanks for the kind words though! Next time I have it at the track, I'll definitely get some glamor shots! :nice:
  3. Still no dyno?
  4. Don't let Nik fool you. It looks good. It is not a show paint job, but you really have to get close and look for the flaws.
  5. Haha nope. It was something I was planning to do this time of year, but I get so busy and then with the new transmission whine... Probably not gonna happen any time soon.
  6. Ha thanks, Keith. You know how critical I am. :)
  7. ah, don't be a [email protected]#$%! That tranny will hold on a dyno in 4th no problem.
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  8. Haha, that actually crossed my mind. I'll sniff around and see what's available.
  9. Wait... there are people who are still following this thread? :scratch:

    ...but why??? :shrug:
  10. Who knows. I get bored with myself, dunno how other people do it.

    SO what do you guys think about this:

    Stone stock truck roller block 351 bottom end with my top end.

    My plan pretty much ends there. Really the junkyard shortblock would just hold me over until I did a 408. But it'd be cheap and allow me to put money into conversion parts.

    This guy's turbo stock short block 351 running tens really got my gears turning.
  11. I want to one day do a high compression, Dart, stroker with no power adder.
  12. We talkin, like, 427 plus? 9.5 deck?
  13. Def a 9.5... like 12:1 compression. I don't wanna be running race gas.
  14. Man you ain't in race gas territory until 14:1. Dur.
  15. Those are both total :poo: ideas... I would go with a stroker 302 dart/boss/man o' war/etc with 205cc heads, a box upper and a 76mm turbo pushing whatever power you wanted to on the race track while keeping low-end torque somewhat manageable on the streets. Just sayin'... I think that would be cool.
  16. I've done a 351 before. It was a pain in the ass, but man, was it fast. If you think long tube headers on a 302 are a btich, shove a 351 in there and learn new cuss words, haha. I actually have a 96 351 roller longblock on a stand, but I'm going to go dart 302 block to try to keep the weight off the front. I want to carve and that big chunk-o-iron can really be felt up there. Big cubes go real fast, but don't try to turn... The way I see it, all the extra money spent on buying crap to accomdate the 351 block(headers, pan, hood w/ paint, intake, flywheel, balancer, distruibuter FEAD parts) could go toward a dart block..:shrug:
  17. I think I might be able to take a dump that weighs more than the weight difference between a Dart 8.2 and a OE Ford 9.5.

    I'm with ya on the part about swap parts. Depending on what you buy, swap parts can be as much as $1000-1500. Money well spent on a Dart. Still, and I may have an illness for saying this, but there's something about doing it with a factory Ford block...
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  18. definitely an illness. A dart block is just the cat's pajamas, man. It's cool to know that my block would survive at double that power that I've made, which is already at or beyond what a 351W would tap out at.
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  19. Maybe in new engines but our dinosaurs don't like pump gas past 10.5. Know how I know?
  20. what kind of heads were you running, SSeater?