NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. That is a valid point, they were iron. Very, very worked iron. But you still arent going past 12 with alum without det problems..on 93 octane anyway.
  2. yeah, exactly. I've heard switching to aluminum is good for about 1 point of compression
  3. Yea I was being sarcastic about 14:1...
  4. So this happened last night:




    I don't want to jump the gun, but drove the car some last night, and then drove it to work this morning in rush hour traffic. NO tuning changes, didn't even check TPS voltage.

    ZERO change in drivability. NO problems with low speed, part throttle operation. You could drive this thing in a walking parade if you wanted to.

    BTW, this is a 90mm Accufab in case you haven't guessed already. Previous throttle body (as seen above), that I had been running for years on two different engine combos and 3 different intakes, was a 70mm BBK.

    This is of course on my 302.

    I know I'm not the first dude to put a 90 on a 302, but this is just one more data point as to why you should never waste money on a tiny throttle body.
  5. What if you were to slap a 90mm on a bone stock 5.0?

    I'm sure it's been done before
  6. Sorry, what was the need to swap to a 90MM? Too big a TB will result in decreased part throttle response and MPG with no increase in performance.
  7. well, does it feel quicker?

  8. Wouldn’t work, because the 90mm opening completely engulfs where the EGR passages would be.

    For the record, I’m not saying that everybody needs to go out and buy a 90mm TB. Really, you shouldn’t use a TB any bigger than your intake is designed for or has been modified to accept. But IMO you REALLY shouldn’t undersize your throttle body for concerns of drivability, etc. because in my experience so far, it just ain’t true.

  9. 1. Because a 351 build is in the works, on which most of my current top end will end up.

    2. Because I’m always questioning what is accepted as “true” information. In my experience so far, this 90mm is not “too big” enough to cause any of the symptoms you are stating.

  10. My butt dyno has never been calibrated, so I don’t trust it enough to answer that question.
  11. fair enough
  12. Hmm....I'm about ready to junk the 70mm BBK unit I have, the IAC holes are becoming stripped after changing it half a dozen or more times..... might have to look into whether it will fit on the Edelbrock intake I have or will need massaging...
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  15. LO
    So when am I gonna see this pile at the track?!
  16. Twat? you have e5 heads or something?
  17. Finally! Someone who picks up on my humor.

    Man, I dunno, and I've been itching for it. LORP is closed until the 24th I believe, but even then it's been crazy hot and my car doesn't have AC.

    Whenever I do, I'm gonna try to drag along my buddies with a WRX and a 'Speed Miata so we can have a tubro-noise :poo: show haha.
  18. Cool, lmk I can prolly pull something out and go play too lol.
  19. What? Are you CRAZIIEE? Everyone knows that if you put a throttle body that big on a 302 your car could burst into flames at any moment... :p
  20. Wait... Where's the, "I pay someone to change even my oil" guy? He should be along any moment to talk about universal paradox and the lazy air theory.