NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. :lol: Good one, Noobz!
  2. Haha seriously. There's so much bogus conjecture on the internet, I was actually afraid to install the 90. It's a friggin THROTTLE BODY. I don't know what I thought was gonna happen. It's pretty straight forward- bigger throttle body, so you have to push the pedal less to accelerate. There's nothing bad about that. It doesn't make it undrivable, as the internet would have you believe. It would be just like increasing the power brake assist- you wouldn't have to push the brake pedal as hard to stop.
  3. Here’s some food for thought. I was just talking to one of my buddies who is more into import cars, and he pointed out that the Infinity Q45, first released in 1989, used a 90mm TB on a 4.5L V8. Power was 278 @ 6K RPM according to Wikipedia. I guess people love to nab those TBs out of junk yards and swap them onto other engines.
  4. So how's the W coming?
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  5. It's still in pieces, scattered throughout my garage. I'm slowly gathering parts right now, then once the car gets put away for hibernation this winter, the build will truly begin.
  6. I just woke up from a many month long Stangnet coma and saw this thread! Nice build, I looked at all 24 pages and read most important things and looked at all pics of course. How is she running now and are you still driving it as it was two years ago?
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  7. Thanks man! Oh yea, the car is, and hopefully will always be, 100% street. Drove it to work today, and I'm getting ready to drive my wife to dinner in it.
  8. So that means it has A/C too!
  9. Ha, actually it doesn't. 19 year old Nik-without-a-C thought he was too "cool" for AC. Now, 10 years later, I'm really regretting that decision. I think after this 351 build is done, I'm finally going to focus on non-speed related items. I'm going to do one of those R134A kits, and then I really want to reupholster all the seats with factory-style cloth, but with SVO foam on the front buckets.

    I think I will perpetually have more money planned to spend on this car, than actual money in my pocket, haha.
  10. Said every fox owner.
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  11. Haha truth.

  12. All my friends when we were 19 deleted their A/C. I always kept mine when I rebuilt/tinkered with my foxes. Like you said, when you're older you do need/want A/C. lol.

    And I've been telling 1990Coupe to put some A/C in his car!!!! He's driven it out to MI about 5 times without it. I have all the parts for him.

    And Nick.....I bought another notchback Friday. It's not here yet, tow truck should be coming today, but possibly tomorrow. It's stripped, supposed to be a 34,000 mile body, but more importantly an original V8 car with a clean title. All the ones I've fixed in the past were salvage except the red ModFox. My wife and I are now parents so this will be a longggg and slowwww build. haha. Not sure what will power it. I think I'm gonna sit patiently and wait for either a Coyote car or a Terminator to come thru the sales. I have a 2V car right now complete for parts, but I've already been down that road with Hack Job. I also have two foxes to put it all to stock, but I want a touch more HP. What did your combo make? Did you ever get it dyno'd? Cause I haven't ruled out some GT40 parts. I have two 00 Explorer engines, but those are P heads and I've read crap about header fitment.

  13. Awesome man! I know Coyote cars are still relatively new, but that would be the way to go, IMO. Either that, or an NA Cobra mill, with decent internals, then throw a turbo at it. I honestly don't think I'll ever build another stock block 302 Fox- there are just too many better/more unique engines out there. Not dogging people who are still into 302s, I just think I'm ready to move on and get out of my comfort zone. I'm going to finish this 351, then it may be the last Windsor-family build I ever do... Maybe haha.

    Anyway, I've never dyno'd my car, but if you believe those dragstrip calculators, I'm around 330 at the tire. Of course, that's all up to speculation. I'm going to TRY to get my car on the big roller this fall when it cools off outside, but I can't say it's high on my list of priorities, just like I don't care to jump through any hoops to make it a drag-strip terror. I just enjoy driving the thing.
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  14. The Coyotes are still expensive too, but so are the Terminators. There was an 11 or 12 5.0 car hit kinda light all over that went for $7,500 at auction on Friday. I woulda been a player if I had no car right now. I just can't justify spending that much when I still have my Terminator. That would have been a good buy tho, cause I woulda had everything. I'll sit on it, wait for my son to grow, wait for prices to come down, ect.

    And yeah, if I did a 302 engine, I'd just simply either paint it up nice, new gaskets and drive it...or possibly head swap it, paint it, put nice headers on it and drive it. I'd like something over 200rwhp if I was going to 302 the car tho. Most stock 302's are what? 189rwhp? If I could get like 250-300 out of one, I think that'd make me happy. Either way....this car will have my paint on it, new tires/wheels and sound excellent. Just trying to decide if I should do it nice and cheap, or nice and expensive. lol
  15. I'd like something over 200rwhp if I was going to 302 the car tho. Most stock 302's are what? 189rwhp? If I could get like 250-300 out of one, I think that'd make me happy. Either way....this car will have my paint on it, new tires/wheels and sound excellent. Just trying to decide if I should do it nice and cheap, or nice and expensive. lol[/quote]
    Basically any 302 H/C/I setup will make 250-300 HP or a small supercharger will get that done.

  16. Nice, cheap and fast, if at all possible, haha. Explorer junk top end parts are known to make mid to high 200s at the tire with the right supporting parts.
  17. Right on!!! We'll see what comes thru. There's a 4V Cobra coming up soon too. 97, bu 161,000. UGH...I can't do that. I won't rule out any low mileage 96-01 Cobra. Obviously I wanna wait and see if any Coyote's or Terminators come thru. I don't care what it is, but 400rwhp in a fox from a mod motor will be awesome. But...if I can just make a nice cruiser with a stockish 5.0L, I'll just make sure it was some badass paint and the best wheels and exhaust possible.

  18. Oh you know, i totally plan on putting A/C in it, someday! I gotta get on that now that i'm with someone who minds if the windows are open. LOL!
  19. Nope! No A/C, aluminum heads, and the normal stuff that makes your car lighter means that it probably weighs less than or very close to 3k lbs. My money is on around 310 rwhp. That's where my car was in weight and power when it did 110mph. Aside from giving you something to prove, what's it going to take to get you to dyno the damn thing? I'm more interested in looking at the curve on that overheaded, undercammed, nobody-should-ever-try-this build.

    What is it, like $50 for 2-3 pulls? Maybe we can start a pool for you. go start a project on kickstarter, and we can all throw in $10. When we get to something reasonable, you spend $50 or whatever on the dyno and send the rest to the winner.
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  20. I did once weigh the car, it was years ago in college. It was right around 3100 lbs, with hardly any gas in it, and I’m fairly sure this would have been after the AC was removed (because I remember being disappointed it wasn’t closer to 3K, haha). That was before the Cobra brakes, boat anchor 17” Mach 1 wheels, 87+ GT spoiler (heavier than the LX-style spoiler these cars came with), and I believe before the MM subframe connectors.

    So, (and again, I’m just completely guessing) but I think even with the aluminum heads the car is probably as heavy or even heavier than what it was then.

    But it’s a moot point. I DID discover a dyno shop that is very close to me, but so far I’ve tried 2 different emails from their website and both came back undeliverable. I’ll give them a call this week and see if I can set up a time.