NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. Alright, it's scheduled for 10AM Saturday. Afterwords I'll be drinking to either celebrate my success, or drown my sorrows. I'll let ya know.
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  2. So.... Should we start the guessing now?
  3. 325rwhp-330rwtq. I may not win but I am first:rolleyes:
  4. A buddy and I were joking that if my HP number starts with a 2, he may have to drive it home, because I might set it on fire. Then I'm gonna buy a Corvette.
  5. 312/329

  6. Well, I was assuming you were only gonna spin it to a safe 6ish. Maybe just wind it up until you get to 300? hahaha I dont know man, Im just guessing. It's like not every other P headed - letter cam motor so it's a tough guess.
  7. I will be shocked if its under 300!! :eek:
  8. ****in' A!!! 310/330 is my money. Good luck! I'd love to see more (and I think it has more in the tune.)
  9. Hey hey hey... what's wrong with a corvette?

    Curiosity, what is your current timing? Do you have a wideband on the car? With AFR 165s n/a and around 10:1 compression, I found best base timing was around 18*. I don't remember what the stock ramp was, but I think total timing added like 16*. Memory's a little foggy. AFR should be looking for 13.0ish... I'm excited for the results for the first time in years on a build thread :)
  10. Nik you're to young to buy a corvette! Look at FastDriver. His memory is already being affected :stick:
  11. What memory?
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  12. If I was any good at gambling or guessing I would have won the $448 million Powerball last night. So I'll just wait for the results. It better be over'll be in the upper rpms tho. Good luck and don't set it on fire, just get some more cubic inches to match the heads and intake. Then go out and beat up on some vettes. :cool:
  13. Nothing wrong with Corvettes, I love Corvettes. I could have probably had a nice C5 by now with the money I've spent haha. If I were to buy another car that wasn't a fenderless hot rod, it'd be an LS-powered 'Vette.

    Yea there is a wideband in the car. AFRs are whatever the stock computer commands at WOT; I've never messed with the fuel tables. I just input my injector values and MAF transfer function, and outside of a little tweaking of the transfer function, rev limit, and startup airflow, I've done very little changes to the stock tune. Woot AFR floats between high 11s and 13ish, depending on conditions. I think I have my timing set around 14 degrees base.

    The dyno session is just supposed to be one of those no-tuning 3-pull things, but he said it's OK if I want to goof around a little with the tune in between pulls, just not for like, 30 minutes. Otherwise he charges $150/hour for a full-blown dyno rental (yikes!).
  14. whoa there killer, where you getting this dyno'd? I might have to come by and spectate.
  15. oh yeah, the blue car did like 335rwhp with your same setup just a little different cam, and no tune. just fuel pressure and timing.
  16. It's this place called Auto Specialists in Noblesville. If you're in town, you should definitely swing by. I could use someone with Quarterhorse experience!
  17. How fast did that car ever go at the track? I remember the only time I saw it run I think you were having unattached rocker arm syndrome hahaha.
  18. AFR in the 11s is costing a little power, but with a wide-band you don't need the dyno to play with that. And you can tune your timing at a track. Just go let her rip, and have a little fun. Unless you're letting it get back down to the same temp between each run, tuning isn't going to give you clear cut results, anyway.