NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. Sounds great, too! Damn I miss my mustang :D
  2. Nik, don't do anything big. Enjoy what you've got!

    Minor :poo: here and there is cool. Box upper, long-tubes, etc... that's easy... done in a day or two, and you're rockin' out again. 351 swap = slow Also, I remember impressing the hell out of people who would not believe that the 302 could do what mine could. They didn't believe it so much that I was accused of it being a 351 or having hidden nitrous on a few different occasions. That feels so good! I don't do this for other people, but surprising other people sure makes me feel good.

    I think you oughta do what you said earlier. Focus on the non-performance stuff that would make you enjoy the car even more. Fix any little problems with the car. I've gone from hating my mustang when it was having problems to loving it when they were fixed... I'm back to hating it, at the moment hehe... Same thing with the Corvette. Little problems can add up and make driving it no fun. At the moment, the corvette is running great without any issues and I'm enjoying it. I only had to fix 20 little things this year to get it there.

    So, I say fix the small stuff and focus on things you'll eventually need. For example, I think you're still running a T5... It ain't gonna make it long with the motor you're running, as it is. Maybe get a T56 or a TKO in there before you start looking for a new motor.
  3. See, this is exactly what I'm thinking. A few tunes and tweaks and see if I can really maximize this combo. What makes it hard is when I take it to the track and I see built cars running 9s and 10s. There's also a guy in my neighborhood with a new ZL1 Camaro, and I so badly want to build a man-eating 408 and embarrass him if/when we inevitably meet at a stoplight, LOL. But I know that the car isn't quite ready for that kind of power- Like you said, the T5 will soon be on life support, I still am running 28 spline axles, and I have yet to put in any rear control arm mount supports. The fuel system and cooling I have could support 500-ish HP, but that's about it- the rest of the car has some catching-up to do.

    But then on the other hand, I could build a budget 351/357, and enjoy an easy 380ish HP/TQ @ the tire, and then just get around to those other things when I feel like it. And enjoy endless smoky burnouts. Maybe it wouldn't be a perfectly optimized combo, but it would be arguably more fun to drive than a really sorted out, 350 RWHP 302. :shrug:
  4. What exactly does a car guy with a stock ZL1 have that he can take pride in? Are you competing with that guy? If so, then what's next? Z06s? Then Vipers? A Bugatti? At any car hang out, the ZL1 guy might have the attention of car guys for a bit, but he's not getting any respect for plunking down 50+ and buying a car. You could outrun him with a few more tricks like a 100 shot of nitrous or a well set up suspension and sticky tires, but you wouldn't be proving anything that another fox hasn't already proven.

    Your Mustang is on a whole different level, and it's not a lower one. Your 336 rwhp Mustang is making about 146 rwhp (76%) more than stock without any blower, turbo, nitrous, extra displacement, or even adjusting the limiter. That's monstrous, when you think about it. I don't think there are many other cars out there that can say that. In the end, you should just make the car what you want it to be. Give it the attention where you feel it needs it the most. If that's the engine, then go for it. If other things about the car are bothering you more, address them. If you like it the way it is, then drive the MFer. Either way, just figure out how to get the most fun for your dollar and your time.

    In any case, thanks for making my weekend with an awesome 5.0 representation. I still hope to get my car sorted out some day, and maybe we can get together for a cruise or something.
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  5. Thanks man, you make good points. Maybe you just need to get your car together and bring it out here, and make all these ZL1, Vette, Porsche, Mercedes, and a couple scattered Ferrari owners look silly for me (I live near a wealthy part of town haha).
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  6. I have seen a couple run now, and they were in the mid 12's at like 115-116. 556hp? wtf? lol. A buddies bolt on coyote is doing 12.0's at 118.
  7. That's worse than I expected. I thought it was 580 hp?
  8. Yeah those ZL1's suspension doesn't work well at the strip. But watch out on a road course! The local guy has one that runs low 12'[email protected]! Most of the new coyotes I've seen are 13.00-13.40s(street tires)
  9. you dont have longtubes and you made that much power? damn yeah there is def power to be made there.
  10. Would it be cheaper/ more fun to build the 302 to spin really high and take more advantage of the top end instead of building the 408?
  11. Just enjoy it, go to the track often and run for fun. Keep your money in the 351 project. Do the tubular k-member and A-Arms when the motor is out along with Long Tubes.
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  12. Cheaper? Maybe. More fun? Nah, probably not. A 408 will make oodles of silly power, plus I enjoy building engines.

    Yea that's what I'm thinking. I may just continue to hoard parts and save money for the 351. I am going to start looking into a 3" exhaust system, which might go on the car before the 351, or it might happen at the same time.
  13. Very true. I ran that 427 in the Hoopty for a while and it was just stupid amounts of instant power. Never should have sold that one....
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  14. Funny isn't it, no one has faces only cars. Oh and I'm jealous he has a garage and an engine hoist and stand
  15. I am impressed! I was thinking for sure that your torque number was be lower. That is of course based off all the reading and numbers I have seen from the "traditional" builds. Exhaust and an intake would be cool, just to see if you can hit that 350 rwhp benchmark. As far as the diet, changing wheels is always fun, but you wont need the diet once you do get the 351/408 in it.
  16. Thanks man! You've probably heard so many ignorant people say that big heads+small motor=no torque for so long, it can be hard to free your brain of that way of thinking!
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  17. I haven't been in this thread forever... nice numbers, although IMO the 3" exhaust will be wasted and not needed till you go with the 351w based setup.

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  18. Thanks Rick! Yea, I think the significant difference would be in going to long tubes and ditching the ball-socket connections, but I've always wanted a 3" exhaust and I'm curious to see what kind of an effect it would have.
  19. I say do it, and see if it goes any further toward your goals of being unconventional. You will keep it for the 351 anyway.
  20. I can agree! I have seen quite a few 302 based motors perform VERY well with the cnc'd 205 Trickflow's!!