NikwoaC's "Commitment Issues" Engine Build

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  1. I think if you investigate a high rpm setup you will quickly alter your opinion on budget.
  2. Are you drowning in replies?
  3. Love the concept of your build, love being different. My low budget high compression/small Ecam DD surprised lots if peeps too. I've been studying your dyno v.s. mine. Our rwtq #'s are darn close. Although i get to 300rwtq at 3000rpms and peak at 4-ish sooner and you hit 300rwtq around 3750-ish and your HP's start to walk mine in the upper RPMs with your intake/cam/heads, but up too 5000rpms were pretty darn similer. I'm itching to add more air with a TFS R intake with my already super ported "P" heads and maybe adding 1.7 rockers to the mix to let it breath better. I know its only an Ecam but my funds may be limited, so im thinking of going this route and then I'd already have my intake for a bigger motor later. Currently have a ported Cobra intake.
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  4. Honestly I think an r intake will be too much for your heads. A track heat would be a better option.
  5. Well without ruffling peoples feathers, the best looking intakes to me are the Gt40/Cobra and TFS R one, maybe a Saleen also but I feel they are few. I like the black R one a lot. But I'm in the arena of looking at it similar to Nik about the 90mm throttle body.
  6. I found so me good research from Tmoss where they put TFS R and a Gt40, holley, rpm against it with a 347 and the numbers traded 27rwtq for 25rwhp up to 6500 rpms, so id rather keep the street torque cause im not turnning more rpms than that on the street.
  7. Comparisons where only one part is changed on an engine tells only a fragment of the story. Engines are a system of components that have to work together to produce usable power, so if you only change one of those many components, you're really not gaining a full understanding of what's going on. That's the great fallacy of many a magazine article- so you really have to take that stuff with a grain of salt and try to read between the lines. For example, on those runs that the engine lost torque- is the intake "too big", or are the valve events no longer optimal?
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  8. Great point :nice:
    Although i feel my milled heads would help that R intake down low too, wish i could just dyno my thoughts about all
  9. Just read through your entire thread and i was absolutely blown away! Guess i know who ill be calling when i start my motor build.
  10. Yeah, Nik's a smart cookie and a great asset to our little mustang community. I can't wait to meet him and his '86 some day.
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  11. Heh, I have you guys FOOLED!
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  12. Nik, do you think one day you could make a video driving your car in rush hour traffic? Just to highlight how streetable your combo is with that cam.

    This thread should be stickied, just so other owners could see what can be done with a stock 302 bottom end and a well-researched heads/cam/intake combo
  13. Ha, I keep saying that I want a Go-Pro. Someday I'll get around to it.

    Honestly, I don't think this thread is really worth a sticky. When I started this build, it was still a relatively taboo concept, but it seems like more and more people are doing the same sort of thing these days. With the advent of the Trick Flow 11R heads, it seems like everybody and their brother is jumping on the 190s, which is a 300 CFM head. There has been a bit of a paradigm shift, and I think it's a good thing.
  14. Wasn't there gonna be an engine build in here at some point, Nik? What's the word?
  15. Yea, the remains of a roller 351 are scattered around my garage, along with an unassembled TKO, half of a panhard bar, parts to get A/C back in my car, a half built Stirling engine, an un-plumbed garage sink/cabinet project, an unfinished wooden wine glass rack, materials to landscape a walking path in my back yard... and probably a dozen other odds and ends. LOL! My wife has begun forbidding me from starting new projects.

    It's really just money and time holding me back, as usual. The TKO should happen next month, then the 351 slowly over the course of the summer and install next winter while the car is in hibernation.... Hopefully.
  16. We share similar burdens it seems, hahaha
  17. hi Nik did you install the tfs box r intake? id be all over it if it would clear a stock hood...
  18. Nope, I'm still running the long runner R intake. I've always been impressed with the capability of the Box-R, but right now I'm planning on making the 351 build even more complicated by scratch-building a box upper that will help me clear the stock hood. Haha.