Ninosport Race Power Pack for 2005+ Mustang GT

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  1. We've put together an impressive Power Pack for 2005-07 Mustang GT owners that includes the aggressive, 100% stainless steel Boom Tube Race axle-back and the awesome, upgradeable AIRAID Cold Air Induction Kit. Save over $74 by getting these parts together compared to buying them seperately!

    Ninosport Race Power Pack for 2005+ Mustang GT

    The Boom Tube Race axle-back is one kick-butt exhaust kit. It produces a very aggressive, deep tone but thanks to its louvered internal core, droning is kept to a reasonable level. In fact some customers have said it produces less droning than Flowmasters! With straight through performance, all stainless construction, and a head-turning exhaust bark the Boom Tubes will set you apart from all the rest!

    The AIRAID Cold Air Induction Kit is the only modular induction kit for the 2005+ Mustang GT. What sets it apart from the rest is the removable venturi insert that allows you to transform the intake from a powerful Street intake that requires no PCM tuning, to a huge no-holds-barred 4" Race intake that will need computer tuning to account for the massive increase in airflow. Can any other intake do that? Nope!

    We've tested both parts on our project Mustang GT and they get a big thumbs-up from Ninosport! The Boom Tubes are totally streetable and they weigh a whopping 16 pounds less than the stock mufflers. They also have a fantastic, rumbly idle that will remind anyone of a big block Mustang. The AIRAID kit is just all around impressive. One of the things we liked is that the air dam is made of a sturdy, pliable plastic so there is no chance of scratching the paint off the engine bay during and after installation. The fit is perfect and the performance gains are very noticeable at high RPMs. As a testament to the quality of this kit, ROUSH is now using a rebadged AIRAID kit as their own!

    If you've been waiting to upgrade your Mustang's intake and exhaust, now is the time! Click the link below to order today. The parts are in stock and ready to ship!