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  1. has anyone put nitro on the v6 and if so what kind
  2. Nitrous? I dont believe there are any direct bolt on applications for it.

    As far as rigging something, i dont believe anyone here has even attempted it
  3. We installed a ZEX GT kit on our V6 project car and went a best of 12.79 @ 105 at FFW Norwalk.
  4. Heh..."nitro" refers to nitromethane.

    "Nitrous" refers to nitrous oxide.

    The two are WAY different. If someone has a V6 Mustang that runs on nitromethane, I want to see it!
  5. 12.79 @ 105!

    Shhhhhh. Better be quiet, or everyone will give up on the blower and N/A plans and just put their cars on the juice!!
  6. wait wait wait wait wait!

    Gimme sex! i mean zex ;)

    what else did you have done to the project car?

    and sorry didnt know u meant nitromethane fuel, i dont know why someone would put that on their v6, until it was ready for it.
  7. Does the 05 V6 use a returnless or a return style fuel system? If it's return style, you could fab a "dry" kit to work pretty easily.
  8. Can you give us any more info about what you did to the car besides the nitrous? Did you beef up the engine or drivetrain? Do any work to the suspension?
  9. ... and then tell the rest of us when you get the details :nice:
  10. Thanks pwrhws, do you know if these parts will be available anytime soon on your website, or if there is a catalog somewhere? Just curious bout getting some pricing together.

    Also, the 165rwhp base seems kind of low compared to what people are gettin on these boards, was that done on a mustang dyno?
  12. Sorry folks "nitro" means nitroglycerine in my line of work. 12 sec times, I'll need nitro to keep the chest pain down! LOL..
  13. just realized that he put nitro 'on' not nitro 'in' thats a lot of confusion in this thread.
    Anyway, i emailed you guys to get a quote, thanks.
  14. Mike has been around the boards for a while. This is not the first car (nor the last) that his LLC has modified. He knows what he is talking about.

    In my part of the engineering world, I consider him a new day Boyd Coddington. :hail2:

    Welcome Mike. :nice: I have had my eye on your little shop for a while! Nice, quality work. I have always been impressed with the cars you reengineer!


    P.S. Hey Mike, does "SoxFan" still have the S/C Mach1? That thing was a monster. :D Nice work on adding the Custom Tune and I was very impressed with it as Kenne Bell S/C project car. Must be niceto have all the equipment and technical help necessary to pull some of this S!iT off :nice: