Nitrous and Gear Question

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  1. So I'm running a trickflow trackheat top end kit on my fox and was looking to add some juice to the mix. I'm looking to get an NX wet EFI plate kit that goes between the upper and lower intake. How much of a shot could I run? 100? 125? 150? The car will be driven 80% without the juice and 20% on the juice at the track. Everything will be SCT tuned once I get everything together.

    Also, would a 4:10 gear with a 275/50r15 tire be too much for this setup (on and off the juice)?
  2. Will work fine if you can shift quick! Get a good ignition setup with a rev limiter you miss a gear spraying 150 shot it will blow your diamond plate floor board off(scary)!!!!!
  3. I blew my intake welds, with a 15 shot so a 150 would be mad!!!
  4. Was that a serious comment? :nonono:
  5. 150 shot will be fine, i used to run a 175 shot (mine was nitrous works throttle body plate)on a stock motor(bolt ons) and stock fuel system with no problems. just back off the timing 1 degree for every 50hp and get some colder plugs and use less gap with them.
  6. I have 3.73's and a 150 hp shot of juice. First gear goes by really fast and so does second. 4.10s would be worse. 3.73 would be the most gear i would want to try to shift. Or maybe have nitrous come on in second gear.