Nitrous/cam Dyno numbers

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  1. Hello,
    I owe a thanks to Espute Performance of Landover MD, and Kauffman's Motorsports in PA.

    The final N/A numbers were 278 rwhp and 296 torque

    With a NOS 100 shot dry I got 376 rwhp and 504 torque. and that was with the wheels slipping badly.

    Here are the attached sheets:

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  2. Here is the other Dyno sheet.

    The car pulls much harder and has an awesome idle and sound to it. If any one is debating cams, just do it!!

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  3. what are the cam specs?
  4. 270 intake
    274 exaust
    550 lift
    113 lobe
  5. is that the advertised duration?
  6. Yes.
    238ex at ".050
  7. Thats torque with the nitrous is hella cool. Nice work. :nice: