Nitrous Guys! HELP!! N2O solenoid stuck closed when bottle on??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stang8YourImpor, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. The solenoid will open fine when there is no pressure to it. But once I put pressure to it and try and open it, it won't open???? I've had major problems with the nitrous not flowing well... It was a clogged filter... But once I unclogged the filter, it won't open when the bottles on???? I know that the solenoid is made so the pressure holds it closed, but it opens when no pressure, not when there is... Any suggestions????????? Pleeeease help!


    P.S. the kit is a cheater carb kit.
  2. this i'd like to know too because the n2o solenoid on my dry kit is not firing with pressure. without, they both fire fine, but with pressure they will not open.
  3. I had the same problem when i started playin wit the juice.LOL i rolled up to the line a few times and i'd go to purge and it wouldnt work and i'd waste a whole run.Then back in the pits i'd let it sit for awhile and try it and it would work fine.I figured out that i was heatin the bottle too much and the selenoids wouldnt work with that high of a pressure.So i learned to keep the pressure down a little and everything works good now.Except for that cluth that doesnt like to grip anymore :nonono:
  4. Very good point, a lot of guys think the higher the pressure the better but it makes a really lean mix and most solenoids will not open with a extremely higher pressure.

    N.O.S offer a rebuild kit, with teflon plungers for your cheater noids, I'd do that. Also if you are not using the juice purge out the pressure that is pushing on the solenoids, this will help take some stress off them also. No sense taking any chances...