Nitrous Kit Questions

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  1. I've been planning to spray my 99 since I picked it up. I had my heart set on the NX plate kit, but have since realized that I can't use it with my Trick Flow intake manifold. What kit would you guys recommend for the car. Some of the mods include 3.73 gears, lower control arms, built automatic with 2800 stall, trick flow manifold, 75mm tb, CAI, long tubes, ORX, magnapack catback, pullies, and a tune. I'm wanting to hit it with 150, have it dyno tuned by PSI motorsports, and run it with a slick. Any ideas on what 1/4 mile times I may see out of it?
  2. Why can't you use it with your trick flow intake?
  3. Ditch the plate kit and go with a single fogger.
  4. The plate is designed to go between the upper plentum and the intake manifold. With the Trick Flow, I don't have that option.
  5. How far from the throttle body should the jet be placed? Forgive my ignorance, I've always ran plates on carbed engines.
  6. Maybe someone with more experience could correct me if needed, but I don't think it matters. Since the throttle body is wide open when you spray the nitrous (or at least should be), I don't think it'd matter how far away it is as long as it's not in front of the MAF sensor.
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    Ideally, as close to the TB as possible