Nitrous Nitrous And Nitrous

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  1. OK guys, im too the point that I really need more power and I want to get something that gives me more than the average bolt ons. So you guys know best and Im considering getting Nitrous. The reason I am considering getting nitrous is because of the fact that im only in high school still and my car payment and part time job really doesnt support the funds for a S/C wich I wish I could get plus the extensive tuning to keep my motor running well. Ive been researching alot and I am most definatley going to run NX 75-100 shot at the most. Another thing is im torn between a wet or dry kit as well :shrug: I know the difference but which is the SAFEST and best performing? I really want to keep my motor at the safest possible so will i absolutley need to get a tune? I already have a diablo chip but there really isnt anyone with good tuning capabilities around my area... :notnice:
    Lastly I already recieved my 4.10s but havent had them installed yet because of my thoughts on getting nitrous. Is this entirley too much gear for nitrous or should I consider 3.73s, ive seen a few people running 4.10 gear and nitrous without problems and getting good times too... All your feedback would be great :flag:
  2. get a wet kit. it will be the safest, and dont skip out on accessories as well. to keep it safe, get a window switch, purge kit, automatic bottle opener etc.... NX makes an upgrade that has a bottle heater and some other important pieces called the GenX2 upgrade. if i were u, i would consider getting a flip chip tune. that way, u can have a N/A tune, then flip it over when u want to go to ur Nitrous tune.
  3. I've got a wet kit that I had on my old stang...had it on there for like 2 months...used it only like 4 times....It's the ZEX wet kit...e mail [email protected] if you're interested. $475.00 shipped.
  4. I'm with street stang. As for your 410 that is tttooo big of a gear. Most people that i know that are running nitrious run 327,355,and 373. To each there own with the gears.
  5. It can be done with 4.10s though, i have 3.73s :Shrug:

    You are only in highschool.. maybe you should take some more time with the power that you have?

    If you're going to follow through with it, check with
  6. I always thought if you got pulled over/got in a wreck you're screwed with the nitrous bottle in your car. :dunno:
  7. Yea ive already looked at and will get the GENX 2 upgrade and all together its should be 900$ shipped. Ill most likley order the window switch from mustang X to keep it between 3000-6000 rpms. I will only be using this nitrous very once in a while wich is another reason im not going to S/C and kill myself maybe even only at the track. i may as well just get the 3.73s since mine are brand new i wont lose any money anyhow so better safe than sorry huh... keep up the replies guys:nice:

    Oh ya, i already have the flip chip from diablo with one program blank so would be sending it in for a Nitrous tune be a good idea or will i HAVE to get a dyno tune? Who would be the best/cheapest place to send it T&J?:shrug:
  8. dude, get yourself some cams...
  9. Nitrous+car payment+young driver+new car=big trouble. If you get in a wreck or get caught by the police, you are going to be in gigantic trouble. Kid went to jail recently locally...judge threw the book at him. They were street racing too which didn't help. That's what drew the attention of the police.

    Dry kits are much safer than wet now a days. Dry kits were thought at one time to be a problem because if you add the juice without enough fuel, you destroy the motor. Wet kits, on the other hand, can cause an explosion if the fuel pools.

    Recent advancements in dry kits have made them safer than wet. The Venom 1000, even reads lean/rich conditions continuously and shuts down nitrous if things get out of whack. It uses stock fuel system and pulses injectors to add more fuel when needed.

    In regards to gears and nitrous. 4.10's are not too much gear with a 100 lb shot. Don't worry about it. I am sure that is about the max you are going to run, right? Also, don't forget you will be running the car MOST of the time n/a taking full advantage of the 410 gears.

    Be sure to get a window switch and systems like the Venom-100 come with a WOT witch. You never want to hit the rev limiter when using nitrous (especially with a wet system) or say good by to you motor, so a window switch is a good idea.
  10. Does anyone have an idea of the total cost of an ALL- option nitrous kit, set up for a 100 shot. Im not too educated on every possible option, but the ones I would like are remote bottle opener, flip chip tuning, colder plugs, decreased timing. Basically everything that will keep my car as safe as possible while running nitrous. I know its a bit ironic but still.

    Also, what kind of legal trouble would I be looking at if I was pulled over and the Nitrous was discovered? Id kinda like to know what im getting into completely before dropping a large chunk of change into the car.
  11. Dont they have ways to hide the bottle? :D
  13. hey dude i got an n/x kit for sale with a window switch email me to [email protected] if ur intrested !
  14. Check out the NOSzle kit...looks like a nice kit...and the safest.
  15. Did you feel that 4.10s were too much for the nitrous? Most of the time ill just be cruising really and only running nitrous at the track and only occasionally on the street. I dont have any emmisions laws in New Mexico so im not too worried about that. Looks to me right now that the dry kit is going to be the one I would go with. Would you guys suggest 1 or 2 range colder plugs for 75-100 shot? Also I will be sending in my Diablo chip in for a reflash for a nitrous tune and gear swap. Also one last question that im confused a little bit about is fuel, with my nitrous tune what octane should i run? Thanks for all the input guys :D
  16. You should check out that ZEX kit that guy posted above, ZEX seems to have many safety features and even though it's a wet kit, I'm pretty sure they are specifically engineered to avoid fuel puddling.

    This will also save you like $500.
  17. You saved me from having to post. This is exactly what I'm looking for on my mustang. I'm thinking of going with zex, because of the ease of installation and safety. I'm also going to be rebuilding my rear end pretty soon because its startin to do "one tire fires". :lol: I get bad traction with the 3.27's when I throw it into second, it lights em up pretty good, so gears maybe aren't for me at this point. But I dont really want to take my rear end apart twice and would like to get gears at some point, so I'm gonna just buy some. I wanna get zex as well, so help me decide on 4.10's or 3.73's
  18. I was just like you at one point in time. I'm only 18 and also have a 2002 g. I was spraying a 100 shot on mine and the only thing i changed was the sparkplugs and dropped timing a little. My car responded good to the nx wet kit. just spray between 3000-5200 rpms and you should be fine. I have went through 10 bottles so far and my car is still running fine. However i have been getting into alot of wrecks so far(not at fault) but i'm scared that at my age if the police seee the nitrous along with my car, they will really hand it to me. Also once everyone knew i was spraying, no one would race and it got old. I say you should save up and get a supercharger. For right now just work on the looks for a little while, then once your out of high school go for speed because you will probally have more money. :banana:
  19. Are you implying that he is going to have more money in college?