nitrous on v6

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  1. i just figured that i would post a pic of the stock open differential for the 7.5
    the T-lok looks almost like it. notice there is very little iron to support the spyders (which are missing in the pic)

    now compare it to the pic of the Detroit Truetrac.

    here is the pic

    here is the pic of the detroit
    the pic of the detroit is actually not accurate as you cannot see the helical gears at all. it is a cross section to show the gears in place

    7.5 weakness eliminated
  2. Would it be necessary to use a girdle with a truetrac? I don't think a girdle will fit because of the panhard bar? What about the axles?
  3. So many things to want... :(
    i think ill just sell all of my cars and start walkin places lol.

  4. LOL!! You did it to yourself Fazm83! :D But I think you did good with the 03 Cobra.. I saw one yetserday that had a very insane exhaust setup... Sounded awsome and loud as he applied the gas...


    I hope you got some good rest during the week... Its time to do some of that gardening you always said you needed to get done! LOL!! :D
  5. all i want for now is my xcal2, then maybe ill do a little squeezin down the road.
  6. You will be in the 14's easily with that Xcal2. My 15.27 run in the auto was with a 2.1 60' time. They say every .1 off your 60' is .2 off your 1/4 mile time.
  7. you pulled a 2.1 60 ft time? damn man, thats WAY better than me, with a 2.1 i could run bone stock to 14.9 lol
  8. yeah... a 2.1 60' with a stock auto... but a 15.27 1/4....

    my 60' was 2.146 and 1/4 was 14.922.... with me in 4th gear for a while... LOL... something seems a little off... LOL
  9. its those nasty 4.10's of yours, not to mention you probably have firmer shifts.
  10. So I would think my 60' time would be better than a stock auto..... and then I basically run out of steam at the end of the run.... (which is about to change.... hehehehe... )
  11. he coulda just got a better launch :) hell mine have half a second spread lol (60ft times). 4.10s may not help your 60ft time that much because of your super tall tires :)
  12. and i dont think jonkatz is stock, got at least a tune :p
  13. Ok... (my newbieness is showing again! LOL!)
  14. i edited the post too, to add a lil more (because your tall tires) but i just remembered u have a tlok, i dont know if he does, so you should be able to get much better.... hrmmm :)
  15. Ok... from jonkatz profile:

    60 foot time: 2.242
    1/8 Mile ET: 9.845
    1/8 Mile MPH: 71.60
    1/4 Mile ET: 15.309
    1/4 Mile MPH: 89.00

    From my timeslip:

    60 foot time: 2.146
    1/8 Mile ET: 9.525
    1/8 Mile MPH: 73.26
    1/4 Mile ET: 14.922
    1/4 Mile MPH: 90.43

    I'm thinking those Big Tires need to go.. but dang they look good! LOL! And they do hook pretty good for plain old all season radials... LOL!
  16. seems like you just flat out beat him to the 1/8th mile mark, then you pull about the same to the quarter.
  17. hey, anyone go above the 115mph mark with their tune yet?

    also im beginning to think somin was wrong with the 1/4mph thing the night i went, nobody else is gettin into the mid 90's with the same/faster ΒΌ mile times, but then again almost everyone is usin an auto and not the 5 speed, maybe thats it?. even my 15.6 run (bout a month ago) was almost 91mph
  18. yeah... with my tires and gears I'm definitely a Light to Light Warrior!!!! LOL! But then you like pointed out I start to run out of steam... hmmmm... I wonder if an extra 75 HP would help out???? LOL!
  19. i was thinkin an extra 125 horsepower would help, but 75 would probably do.

  20. 125 maybe a possibilty... maybe after we switch the Track-Lock for the Detroit Locker TrueTrac... LOL! Also will have to see what else is involved... fuel pump.... spark plugs... etc...