nitrous on v6

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  1. Good times, right now id be content with another 15hp, lil higher rev limiter and better throttle response.

  2. I talked to a shop about the Detroit Locker install.. He's going to charge me $200 bucks to install it... I think thats a good price.. What do you guys think?
  3. i forgot about the panhard bar.

    the girdle may not fit. call TA parformance about it

    the girdle may not be needed with the truetrac but if it fits behind the panhard bar then it will only help

    axles should be OK. the stock 28 spline axles are quite strong. moser 28 spline axles could be used as an upgrade
  4. add gears while you are at it. it shouldn't cost anymore for the install of gears along with the Truetrac. the gears and diff need pulled anyways
  5. Thanks Jimp!....

    I sure wish I knew how much power the Ford Racing T-LOK can take.. Its dirt cheap.. pwrhws used this when he blew it up with a 150HP shot? So maybe this is good for a 100HP shot?
  6. I think that as long as you don't run slicks you'll be ok with a 150 shot. Powerhouse was launching pretty hard! If I were you though I'd spend a little extra and get the locker. Then you won't have to worry.
  7. Of course I'll get the Locker.. But its nice to know it doesn't have to be a real expensive endeavor you know.. Some guys may choose the less expensive route.. I think it should be stated like you mentioned... That is street tires will not allow you to hurt the Ford Racing T-Lok.. Slicks are really the most determining factor in regards to hurting the drive-train components..

    Its just an issue that should be out in the open, so guys can feel there is still a safe less expensive alternative to this..

    I also think Cobra232, or Jimp should go ahead and make a thread dedicated to the rear-end.. We have alot of info on a very serious subject hidden inside of a Nitrous thead.. if you do a Google search, all this valuable info for the 2005 V6 cant be found about the rear-end..

    If one of you makes the thread, make sure to post all links contained in this one reagrding rear-end only upgrades and purchase links..

    I really dont understand how a very huge performance item has not been given its own thread anyway.. It doesnt make any sense..
  8. I'll probably make a thread once I order my parts. Which will be soon after I install the :banana:

  9. LOL!! Yeah baby!! You have a GTECH yet Jimp? Or maybe you can learn how to use the XCAL to check your times with and without..

    I am anxious to see some numbers!
  10. I have the GTech but there really isn't any place around here to get a good 1/4 mile run. Next weekend is a test and tune night at the dragstrip. I'm going to try and make it up there.

  11. I would advise a test and tune at a place with a dyno before any track runs my friend.. You have a dyno close by?
  12. well we finished putting in my :banana: last night....

    I will see about posting some pics this weekend.. but my weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy... lowering springs, car shows, paint the bathroom... LOL!

    Wednesday is the big day... Dyno tuning with Lidio... I'll post graphs Wednesday night... LOL! Not sure when I'll be able to get to a track... but I'm hoping with in a couple of weeks....

    Got Zex?
  13. Why you little...I thought I'd be the first. I've had my :banana: for two weeks now. Been waiting for my buddy to come over and help me install it. :bang:

  14. Very Nice!! Congrats Scrming! :nice:

    So you have the bottle filled, or your waiting until its tuned? I bet knowing you have all that power at your disposal makes you feel invincable huh? LOL!! You are! :D


    Well, your next daddy! Man, I want you guys to run low 13's or 12's so bad! LOL!! :banana:
  15. @ALL

    This is a real eye-opener in regards to our V6 motors.. I was scanning some threads and came across this 92 5.0... His numbers with all his upgrades is a sure sign Ford planned on making the 05 V6 a powerhouse to be reckoned with.. Check it out!

    My '92 GT (pics coming)
    Best 1/4 time: 14.51 @ 96.8 mph

    140k miles and ticking with stock everything but...
    FRPP 3.73 gears, BBK CC 1 5/8 LT's, BBK 2.5in O/R H-pipe, 2.5in catback w/ ultraflow muff's, Pro 5.0 short shift, RonDavis Custom Alum. Radiator w/ twin Flex-lite fans, Falken 275x45 ZR17's allweather tires (rear)..

    He's even got 3.73's..
  16. hehehe.... The hardest part was finding a good spot for the brakets for the bottle..

    I haven't got over a chance to get the bottle filled... I'm really waiting until Wednesday to try it out...

    Invincible???? No... Scared??? Yes! I've have NO IDEA what to expect when the ZEX kicks in! I have no experince with N20... I make Lidio take me for a test drive! LOL!

    I will try and get some good pics tomorrow at the car show...
  17. I'll tell you what to expect.. Expect to be changing your underwear right after Lidio takes you around the block.. Also, expect to be so excited to come and tell us what happend, that your post before its edited will be filled with numerous mistakes, mis-spellings and such.. LOL!!

    What I really want you to get are some Bullits from Casco.. Its nice that you remain loyal to the V6 stock wheels, but I sure would like to see some bullits on that baby.. :D
  18. I have to say I love my bullits from Casco. For the ZEX, anyone have a reccomendation on best place to inject it. I am not looking for a huge burst, but something good and conservative as I will not be running slicks...and at this point I am leaning towards the ford racing tloc to keep costs down.