nitrous on v6

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  1. What did you set your timing to for the 100hp jets? Nevermind, saw your other post. You're at -2 degrees, right?
  2. yep... went back to COMPLETELY STOCK Timing and then -2 global....
  3. Great information Mike and I look forward to how things went this weekend and the coming week.

  4. see my other thread for yesterday's dyno sheet from the 100HP shot!!! WOOHOO!!! LOL!

    Looks like i won't be able to get to the track for while... was hoping to go today.. but the rain put an end to that... LOL
  5. Single Turbo Initial Results

    This is a graph from some of our intitial testing. Six pounds of boost seems to make very respectable power. There will be a lot more testing before final results will be released. Sorry for the poor quality, but a scanner and the shop don't go well together.


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  6. Is that 281rwhp? How about the torque? :hail2:

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  7. Yes Indeed it is Jimp!

    If I am reading that right, it looks like 307 TQ hits around 3600 RPM. Looks like max A/F is 12.3.

    Average on that Dynometer Test was 223HP/294TQ. With an average A/F through the bands staying nearly at 12. PERFECT! :hail2:

    Mike, that is VERY impressive.... lol.... after one heck of a day, that is enough to make this lady smile!!!! :D

    Very nice Mike.
  8. Actually the a/f on that was a 12.13, but I understand, it's a pain to see.
    We ran 9.5 PSI last night and with the same a/f power went to 320rwhp and nearly 360ftlbs. Off to Bowling Green for the weekend, we'll hope for the best. ANd i will post you some e.t. results when we return.
  9. Very cool numbers!

    Good luck this weekend!

    I'm hoping to sneak to the track sometime this weekend to see what my e.t. is after moving to the 100HP jets... and hopefully get some better back tires installed this afternoon...
  10. I agree, those numbers are starting to look REAL impressive!!! Cannot wait to see what the ETs are too!

    Scrming, it looks like this weekend is going to be fairly nice weather-wise and it will be fairly cool too (good for the air intake), Good luck!!! :nice:
  11. Scrming,

    What brand of aftermarket springs did you install? 7/8 inch is exactly how much drop I want with my car (maybe a little more in the back...). Still, around 1 inch seems like a decent amount of drop w/o having to worry about bumpsteer, roll center changes, etc. Just an alignment job and you're good to go.

    How is the handling compared to stock now?

    BTW, I checked out your "our little pony" web site. Very nice job (the car *and* the web site!!).
  12. H&R Sport Springs. Got them from MRT... Springs at mrt-direct

    They're great... just the drop I was looking for... The stock springs were way to mushy for me.. these stiffened up the ride without making it harsh at all...
  13. 2005 V6 Single Turbo

    The car went a 12.57 @ 111, first pass and the second pass it went 12.50 @ 111 at the NMRA Finals in Bowling Green. All passes were with 9 lbs of boost. The car needs some more time on the dyno refining the tune, but look for some good numbers at The Smack Down at Norwalk. The attached photo was not even the best 60' of the weekend but the photographer was on the ball!

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  14. Very nice!!! I love the picture!!!

    Hoping to get into the 13's on Sunday... 60 degree, sunny and some new back tires! LOL!
  15. OMIGOD, I see air under them tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. That is beautiful!!!!
  17. Hey pwrhws,

    What kind of turbo is being used on that stang? Does it still have stock internals and heads? I think from what I read in prior threads you were testing and tuning for production speed parts for our V6's, will you be doing up the exhaust necessary for the turbo when that time comes? Once you get done refining the tune on the dyno I am sure we would all luv to hear what kinda power that beast is puttin out!!! :hail2:
  18. The plan is to offer an exhaust specific for the V6 turbo, Everyone who e-mails me will be posted of the pricing and availability.

    Yes, motor is still stock, from t-body to flywheel.