nitrous on v6

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  1. well i just got my email back from bamachips, and he said that 75 shot is as high as i should go without a tune, but i should check the a/f ratio anyway. He can write me a custome tune for 91 octane and nitrous. i should try emailing powerhouse to see if i could get a hold of their tune for the 125 shot they used.
  2. Start with the smallest shot and work up.
    Don't get greedy.
  3. What he said.. God at the number of things Ive seen go wrong with engines at the track from people shootin nos...
  4. Oh ive seen my share, the only way id run anything over 75 is if i had a tune meant for it. i actually wish it would go down to 50.

  5. We should be able to use the 100HP shot safely, dont you think Fazm83?

    Let see, 182RWHP+125HP Shot=307 RWHP.. :D Applied at a speed in excess of 60MPH, says that GT just got owned!

    No one can say for sure at this point.. But we shouldn't need forged internals and a rearend and tranny until around 400HP.. I mean, it is possible we could use the whole 175HP SHOT Fazm83.. Have you ever thought of this scenario? It is possible that this kit could change the face of the Stock V6 as we know it.. You must prepare yourself for the best case scenario should you be overwhelmed by it, one day in the near future..

    182+175HP SHOT=357RWHP... You must accept my friend, that in reality, we can squeeze the whole 175 SHOT.. Should this occure you will be a star Fazm83.. An 05 Mustang V6 Legend.. :D
  6. lol, when i get it dyno tuned i will go to whatever it will allow and still be safe.
    i got good news today, i just requoted my insurance, and im gonna call tomorrow to double check, but im going to go from over $1200 every 6mo to $802 every 6mo. There was a report on cnn that showed the cost goin way down on new mustangs, so i was like hey, imma go look again. Im really pissed cuz i could get a GT for only $30 more a month, which means i could afford one but now its too late since i got my 6. oh well. but ya, if i can save $80 a month, thats almost a grand a year. :) :)
  7. Which means more red meat, and more mods to the mustang! :)
  8. i already eat enough red meat, so just more mods :) maybe i can put in a tlok with some 3.73s and nitrous.......
  9. 300 RWHP for your V6

    --- As Tested At ---
    PowerHouse Automotive, LLC
    707 Main Street East
    Girard, PA 16417

    --- Customer ---
    Name :
    Address :
    Phone :

    --- Vehicle ---
    VIN :
    License Plate :
    Yr/Make/Model : 2005 / Ford / Mustang V6

    --- Test Data ---

    Filter Mode : FIR
    Filter Level: 75

    Engine RPM, Total Powe, Engine Tor
    RPM, HP, Ft-Lbs
    Run #, 1, 1
    2700, ,
    2800, 241, 439
    2900, 242, 436
    3000, 247, 433
    3100, 250, 425
    3200, 255, 419
    3300, 260, 415
    3400, 265, 409
    3500, 270, 405
    3600, 275, 401
    3700, 279, 396
    3800, 283, 391
    3900, 286, 385
    4000, 289, 380
    4100, 291, 374
    4200, 294, 367
    4300, 295, 361
    4400, 297, 355
    4500, 299, 349
    4600, 300, 342
    4700, 301, 336
    4800, 301, 330
    4900, 302, 323
    5000, 302, 317
    5100, 302, 311
    5200, 301, 304
    5300, 300, 297
    5400, 299, 291
    5500, ,

    This is a ZEX Nitrous Kit with custom jetting and a aggressive tune. Track data hopefully Friday at Norwalk, OH if the weather holds out. :banana:

    Testing performed on our inhouse Mustang Dyno
  10. WHOA! nice, 302rwhp and 439rwtq?!?!? is that right on the torque? holy crap.
    also, do you ahve that in a graphical dyno chart? and yes, let us know what that bad boy runs. That thing could be low 12s high 11s in the right weather conditions.
  11. Holy crap is right...if that is accurate then sign me up baby!
  12. Here, this should give you guys a better idea. I slaved over this for like three hours. Yes, I suck with MSExcel. It sucks with me. But paint loves me, as you can all see....

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  13. 3 hours? u didnt even post it 3 hours after he did :p lol.
  14. Anything break yet?
  15. WOW, well under 5 grand *under 3500* for all the parts on that stang, including all the suspension upgrades, axles, gears, etc. Man talk bout given the gt a run for its money (lol would absolutely walk a stock gt). *burns this post into my memory for the next gt owner that thinks you cant even come close to a stock gt for the cost difference*

  16. Jesus Christ!! Someone please talk to me.. What am I looking at? Is this a Stock 05-V6 Stang? Is this with the Zex Nitrous kit for $540 dollars? Dear GOD, someone explain these ridiculous numbers.. We must be kool on this, or the prices will shoot up.. So keep all info in this thread only.. Dont call Zex and ask them any questions if these numbers are right..

    Please someone, confirm this is a Stock 05-V6 engine, using a $540 nitrous kit, with an SCT2 tune!!
  17. fazm83

    Does this mean we dont need any blowers? The 05-V6 just needs to be squeezed? :D
  18. MSP, shoot me over your email in a PM, and ill tell y a more bout it.

    EDIT, nevermind just emailed it to ya.

  19. That is sweet!!! So all the myths have been broken? What I have been saying all along, and what we have been discussing is true? That we have alot of hidden potential?
  20. Well who knows how long it can take that power :)